It’s Amazing What You Can Get Used To!!

This is our new theme song!! Chris has said it over and over again since our Adventure into Fulltiming began. Sometimes it’s a positive sometimes a negative…depends on the moment.

“It’s amazing what you can get used to!!”

For instance:

Once upon a time we lived in a 2400 sq ft house. We had an enormous family/media room, a formal sitting room plus 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We then downsized to a 1600 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, then a 1200 sq ft 3 bedroom, 1 bath house. And from there we moved into our current home which I believe is 90 sq ft in living space with a full size bed, a box to shower in and a closet to pee in. If my measurements are correct our entire home now is about half the size of our master bedroom in houses 1, 2 or 3.

We adjusted to the space with ease, surprising even to us. We don’t miss any of the “stuff”. We have weeded out most of the unnecessary things we brought so our space is expanding. TeeHee. We still “dance” past each other but that’s part of the fun. Finding things has become easier even if total organization hasn’t been accomplished. The kids have also adapted well and have found new crazy ways to play and love “finding” the crickets for us. Pinks is becoming quite the fly hunter too!!

We shower with ease now, the original clumsiness is a thing of the past. Peeing in a closet is definitely different!! I don’t know if that’s something anyone can really get used to…or maybe it’ll just take more time!!

I’ve even mastered my kitchen. I’m back to cooking my old recipes along and venturing out to try some new ones.  The lack of an indoor stove & oven aren’t slowing me down anymore. I’m discovering so much more that can be cooked in the crockpot or on the griddle. And don’t forget the mini charcoal grill and our trusty coleman stove. And now that I’ve discovered the beauty of foil packs on the grill we’re good to go!!

The grocery shopping shift admittedly came a little slower than other things. I was so used to shopping by what was on sale or the best deal. We all know the bigger jar of pickles or big pack of toliet paper is the better deal. And if it’s on sale or you have a coupon then it’s a super score. (Remember I’m the one that hasn’t bought laundry soap, Q-tips or toothbrushes in over 2 years thanks to the great sales at Costco!!) However…we do NOT have the space to store the big bundles or jars of anything. Actually the smaller the better. So the transition for me to start buying 1 onion instead of a bag or the little jar of Miracle Whip has been challangeing but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. But the 2 for 1 deals are still tripping me up… So I guess this one is a work in progress.  TeeHee.

We no longer do any kind of convenience food. No microwave and go crap. It may not be gourmet or completely unprocessed but it isn’t from your freezer section either!! This is not how it was once upon a time, I’m embarrassed to admit, when we were both working corporate jobs. The fresh, homemade goodness didn’t happen on a daily basis like it does now. I am actively trying new healthier versions of old recipes and brand new healthy recipes. And we’re feeling better because of it and our waist lines are showing the difference too!!

As for my “beauty” routine… Everyone who knew me before knows they could count on one hand the number of times they’d seen me without my face paint on. I didn’t go to work without it, I didn’t go to the grocery without it, I didn’t see visitors without it. I wore make-up probably 28 days a month, those other 2 or 3 were jammie days spent at home. Now it’s the complete opposite!! It is an occasion that I put mascara on. That’s right, not the whole face job from start to finish, just mascara. I miss it, but I don’t… The reason for leaving it off it’s that it’s just too hot!! The same goes with my hair, by 9am every morning it’s up in a clip, it’s just too hot to leave it down!!

Just a few of the examples. I’ll add more as they come up.

Gate Update: Things are definitely starting to happen around here!! Our safety guys left almost a week ago. We thought that was strange… I just learned that the 24/7 safety guys, like what we had, are for the natural gas wells. And once a certain stage of fracing, or prepping for fracing, is reached it isn’t safe for them to “pump” the gas so they shut it down for the time being. This was news to us!! We didn’t even know we had natural gas wells down there!! Yesterday we processed in 20 trucks full of gravel for additional pads. This was news to us too but then again we’re always the last to know. Last night Chris had several big water tankers come through right before midnight, strange… They just left, exactly 8 hours later and said they’d be back for another run…I have no clue what that means either… The welders came through this morning right on schedule. They said they’ll be wrapping things up on Thursday. Once they’re done then the actual fracing can begin. We still haven’t heard anything on whether a Rig is coming in to drill on the new pads (2) that they just completed.

We have determined that Chris is going to have to go down there and check things out. We need to know what is what down there. I keep saying “down there” because we are a little over a mile down from the actual pads. This is an extremely good thing for us!! A lot less dirt, noise, smells, etc get to us because of our distance. The same is true because our rig isn’t right on the gravel road. We actually have a yard, weeds mostly but some grass too, that separates us from our gravel road behind the gate that goes to the pads. We were told this is the ONLY gate that isn’t right on the road. Nice huh!!

Critter Update: The scissor tail birds are now attacking our roadrunners. I can understand why, the roadrunners will eat their eggs and babies. But the roadrunner will also eat snakes… The scissor wing birds eat the crickets and moths.

They both provide important services here…if they could just get along!! Our armadillo, Arnie (named so because he’s a bug terminator – get it?? TeeHee) must have decided it’s safe here because he started bringing his wife along for the nightly hunt. She’s still a bit skiddish so I couldn’t get them together for a picture. The bunnies must be multiplying like…well…bunnies. TeeHee. They are everywhere now!! And they are getting used to us too. I’m able to practically go right up to them without them running for the brush. I wonder if these bunnies would like carrots?? I just might have to try that today!! And I got a new bug picture, just for Alex!! Here ya go Hon!! This is a brown blister bug. When they bite you it really hurts and causes an immediate blister to form on your skin!! These are ones to stay away from!!

This one is a little tough to see but there are 3 hawks resting in the tree. I’m wondering if we may have a nest…







Chris got this great pic of the Roadrunner. He’s getting so big!! If you double click the picture to enlarge it you can see his colors.







And a few more…just because!!

That’s all for now…

Madcap Out


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