Fracing Busy!!

We spent the day yesterday running around like a chickens. The gate was nonstop. They were bringing in more equipment and supplies for the fracing to begin today, everything from trailers full of flood lights to matting for the chemicals to big huge pieces of equipment that does who knows what, and semi after semi of water.

And the fun is continuing today!! I’ve filled nearly 2 sheets (25 entries per sheet) and it’s only 7:30am!! To put that into perspective, we walk from the rig to the gate every time someone comes up and then again when they’re ready to leave. What goes in must come out!! The distance from the door of the rig to the gate is approx the same distance as your front door down to the mailbox of a longer driveway. Sometimes the truckers show up in herds but they rarely leave that way. So the majority of the entries are individual trips to the gate. So far this morning we’ve made approximately 30 trips down the driveway to the mailbox and back. Being conservative, we’ll easily make another 80 trips to the mailbox/gate today.

With all that going on we barely had time to throw some brats on the barbeque yesterday and eating them went in shifts. Forget dinner. No time for such nonsense. We squeezed in a couple quick showers and I collapsed into bed.

Here’s some pics of the fun.

That’s all for now…

Later Taters


3 thoughts on “Fracing Busy!!

  1. We have not had the pleasure of Frackin yet ourselves. We have only had them get ready for it the big tanks are in and the welding is done and all set to go. We do have the other pad going on and they just finished one well and now onto the other one. We were steady with them moving the rig. Seems we are at our constant 2-3 sheets daily for the past week. It does give us our exercise though.
    I feel I have been for warned on the frackin.

    • Good Luck with your fracing!! Ours hasn’t been bad just busier than we’re used to. The exercise is a nice plus…to a certain point!! Staying hydrated can become an issue. We haven’t had a rig yet but we’re told we could be getting one…we’ll see.
      Have a great day Hon!!

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