Poo, Shower, Nap, Sex…

We have a “game” in our house that has developed over the years. It all started because of something my Mom said when we were little. You know when you’re young and say, “I don’t feel good.”?? Well my Mom’s reply was always the same, “Do you have to poo??”. Early in our marriage, a long long time ago, Chris said he didn’t feel good and my auto reply was to ask him if he had to poo. He gave me the strangest look and we both cracked up laughing. And thus the joke/game began.

It’s evolved into more of a game for when one of us is bummed or bored or just hurummph. Sometimes it’s true, you just need to poo and you feel better. But we’ve added a few more options to the list over time too. Sometimes you need a long hot shower or a nice soak in the tub and when you get out you feel like  a brand new person and all is right with the world again. Other times it’s best to have a full reset and a nap is the best way to do that, close your eyes, go to sleep and wake up all over again and start anew. A then there’s those times where a rump, roll in the hay, frolic, a little somethin somethin, whatever cute name you attach to it, is the ticket to getting you back on track. Now mind you these are in no specific order!! Each instance calls for different medicine!! Sometimes you need multiple flavors of medicine…

Yesterday was one of those days for me…I was just hurummmph!! I was a grump, I know it… And when I woke Chris up he knew it too!! Ooops. I had to wake him up early to look at the AC, it was sounding a little sick to me and it seemed like it was warming up in the rig awful fast, 80 degrees at 10:30am was feeling like the start to a miserable day!! And sure enough, we had iced over again… We needed to shut it all down, let the ice melt (which doesn’t take long!!), clean it all out and restart. Sounds so simple but it usually entails dirty nasty water dripping everywhere and the inevitable ice chunks being shot out of the vents. Yes, all of this makes as big a mess as it sounds!! And from this point is where the mini melt down of yours truly transpired.

This is where Chris, my hero, steps in to save the day!! We play the game. No, I do not have to poo. No, I do not want to go back to bed (it was too hot by then anywho). No, I do not want to take a shower (I had just showered before bed and the water was too cold). Sex? Hell yes I want sex!! (Sorry Mom & Dad…) But can I have it?? NO!! I think my friend and fellow blogger, Susan, put it perfectly, “As for intimacy as a gate guard, you have to be quick, be creative or miss out.” Well the huge influx of traffic from the fracing doesn’t allow for much fracing inside the rig. But that’s a topic for another post… So my Mr Wonderful suggested, strongly, that I go into town and play for awhile. Not run errands, but play, shop, look around, explore. It took some coaxing but I went.

Topless. Music blaring. Sunshine. Just what the doctor ordered!! First stop – Dairy Queen!! I wanted a slushy. I’d never had one before and I decided it was time!! Got my first brain freeze too!! Youch!! Next stop, Family Dollar. Yep. Exciting stuff in Pearsall!! Got a new step stool for coming out of the rig, hopefully this will help our sore knees and my achy heel. Then onto Ace hardware to return my 30 to 50 amp adapter. I got the wrong one last time and they were out of the one we need…dang it!! Off to the Wally World. Found Chris some new britches and socks. Found my mascara in waterproof – score!! And they had smokes on sale for only $40 a carton!! Off to the HEB to pick up a few things. My new friend Tonya was talking about chicken salad sandwiches and I got a hankering for some so off in search of the craisins I go. Final stop is the Chinese place for take out. Chris made a special request and how could I deny him?? Got all my goods loaded up and back home I go!!

Chris had a very busy day while I was gone!! He got a bit of a sunburn out there… After tallying the day, we logged in 5 pages worth (250 entered) and logged out about 4 pages worth (200) with some of those guys coming in and out repeatedly throughout the day. My prediction yesterday morning of an additional 80 trips to the gate was way off!! Try doubling it!! So, Chris gets the day off, well once he gets back from the laundry mat that is. No gate duty for him!! He’s coming home and going to bed!! Then he is free to do as he pleases until its shower & bed time for me. I’ve got my sneakers on, the rocky road with my tongs was killing my feet but now I’m ready!!

So in the end we may have just added shopping to the game…at least while we’re gate guarding!! Wink Wink

Madcap Out


2 thoughts on “Poo, Shower, Nap, Sex…

  1. I quite agree!! ha ha That is why I stay as healthy as I can! Don’t want to miss out on the good things in life. So the cigarettes, do they help you cope when you can’t get the good things in life? …just kidding!
    Love, Yolanda

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