Graceful? I think not!!

The gate was slower yesterday than it has been so we took advantage of it and got some chores done before the storm hits. Mr went to the laundry before his nap. I got everything folded, made some artichoke dip and chicken salad, did all the dishes and then marinated steaks & chopped up red potatoes, onions, garlic for the green beans and bacon (Chris’ new favorite). I also puttered around with some cleaning while he was sleeping. Now we have left overs and easy stuff for a snack or sandwich, whatever time allows. And it’s all homemade with love instead of that nuke and go crap!

We are planning a trip next week into Uvalde. Well, I should say Chris is sending me to Uvalde!! Its a much bigger town than Pearsall but just a smidge further from us. They have a Super Walmart!! They also have several eye-glass shops for me to finally get my new glasses. Since losing my prescription sunglasses at the first ladies ice cream social this trip has increased in urgency!! Being without sunglasses is NOT an option on the gate and going without my bifocals is becoming quite the headache…literally. We’re going to feel out the traffic flow over the next couple days to see when’s the best time for Chris to run things solo. I might be there awhile…. I saw online they have numerous nail salons!! I just may have to stop in and get these sad, broken, chipped and peeling nails fancified!! They were doing so beautifully but here…not so much!! Didn’t help that I tore 3 yesterday.

So how did I tear 3 nails in one day?? Well when you are as graceful as I am…it’s not as hard as it may seem. Apparently the bottom of my tongs had gotten wet. When I went out to check on the steaks and potatoes for dinner and that wet tong hit the step I just slid right out. Yep!! I slid out of the RV!! Thankfully I didn’t really hurt myself and there was no one around to witness my it other than Chris. He’s seen enough of my graceful moments so he doesn’t count. Anywho, 3 torn nails, a nice big bruise & scuff on the back of my arm, a purple bruise on my back (just missed my tailbone!), a scuff on my ankle and my heel is sore again. Everything else is in tact. No biggie… But Chris wouldn’t let me go out of the rig again last night. Funny man! Needless to say I’m being super careful going in and out of the rig this morning!!

That was our big excitement of the day. Me falling on my ass. Really?? Oh well…

Have a great weekend everyone!! The last trucker just reminded me it’s Saturday…had no idea…  Oh the beauty of living on a gate!!

Thanks for stopping by!!



2 thoughts on “Graceful? I think not!!

  1. I beginning to think it is a gate thing, I think out of 11 women that 4 have fallen out of the RV. I hurt my ankle so bad and should have gone to Hospital. OH well I survived, I still have the bruise on my thigh, lol, that was over 2 months ago that I fell out. I fell out by stepping on my dog stick he left on the step going out.

    Enjoy your day at Uvalde, and you have to tell me how it is. I have not ventured there yet..
    Love your blogs…

    • Thanks Kathy!! It’s nice to know I’m not alone… I know it could have been a lot worse so I’m grateful it’s only a few scraps and bruises!!
      So glad you’re enjoying our little blog!! So nice to hear!!
      Be safe out there!!

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