Relaxing Sunday

What a slow relaxing Sunday we had!! It had its busy times but we had plenty of down time, something that has been in short supply lately. I even took a nap!! Haven’t had a Sunday afternoon nap in forever!!

Chris got a new character on his game and was having fun leveling it up. I found an old work camping site that I thought I had lost from when I first started researching this adventure. As it turns out they have a HUGE forum and a blog spot. Everyone knows I just love a good blog!! I got sucked into one and had to start at the beginning and read all about their adventures. They are a married couple living in a van!! Amazing to me!! I read all about their trial month touring the beaches of Florida and then their maiden trip cross-country to just north of Fresno California. All in a van!! Did I mention that’s just amazing?? WOW!! Can you even imagine…no potty…no shower…a camp stove and a cooler for a kitchen…and their bed gets pulled out every night and covers the whole top of their living space. Then they roll it back up in the morning… Very very cool stuff!! Couldn’t do it myself but very cool nonetheless!!

We were surprised with dinner from the fracing crews chef last night. He said he’ll hook us up with eats while they’re here so I can get a break from the kitchen!! How super sweet is that?!?!? It was like we went out to dinner in a restaurant last night, you know like normal couples do. I didn’t have to cook and the food was fantastic!! Homemade Salisbury steak, real mashed potatoes and gravy with carrots!! I very nice treat for both of us. We couldn’t wait to see Todd this morning to thank him profusely for the dinner.

While we were relaxing in the afternoon we decided that today I’d go to the Uvalde. We need some staples from the Walmart and it just seemed so silly to go to the tiny Walmart in Pearsall when we needed to do a run into Uvalde anywho and they have a Super Walmart!!! So two birds with one stone, almost. I still have to go into Pearsall before I go to Uvalde to get a temporary PO BOX. Unfortunately no one seems to know the address here at the ranch, without a number for the street we cannot get the UPS deliveries to the gate like we had hoped. And the Pearsall post office doesn’t appreciate the general deliveries from our mail service so…a temp PO BOX is our only option. We have packages and a boat load of mail stacking up at the mail service so we just can’t wait any longer for someone to figure out where we are!! But once I get that all done I’m off to the Uvalde for a day of exploring and shopping!! Yippee!! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it tomorrow!! I’m excited!! Doesn’t take much I know…

Well I’m off to the new forums to chat and get more info. Can never have too much info!! Starting to put together a plan for the next leg of our adventure…who knows…maybe we could live in a van!! But it’d have to be down by the river!! LOL. If you want to check it out here’s the website.

Madcap Out



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