Adventures in Uvalde!!

I got a later start than we had planned on but sleep is a must and Chris needed a good nap before I could take off and explore. After his nap we loaded up Big Red and I set off for Pearsall about 11:30. The gravel road to the highway was a bit worse for wear from all the semis going through with truckload after truckload of sand so it took a smidge longer than usual.

Got to the post office in Pearsall after dumping the trash and filling up on gas. Spoke to the same woman at the counter about setting up a PO Box. After I filled out the paperwork and dug out my 2nd form of ID I brought it all back up to her at the counter. She was going over the sizes of boxes available and the price ranges for 6 months. I told her I don’t need it for that long… She said why don’t ya just do general delivery?? Really?!?! This is the exact same gal that scolded me for having our mail forwarded to the post office via general delivery before… She was super sweet this time around, filled out a general delivery card for us and even extended it to 5 weeks!! No PO Box needed after all. With my errands in Pearsall complete time to head out to Uvalde!!!

From the center of Pearsall to Uvalde is 49 miles and a straight shot. Once on the highway stay there until you get to the traffic light outside of Uvalde and hang a right. Easy breezy!! The drive was lovely. Ranch after ranch. And all different kinds, some with cows, horses, some fields of crops from corn to green onions and a plant I’ve never seen before…wondering if it’s peanuts, to full on brush like ours. It was nice to see some new scenery!!

Uvalde is such a cute ‘little’ town but is huge compared to Pearsall!! I so wish I had brought the camera with me. Next time I will for sure because ya’ll gotta see the quaint town square. Walking the town square will be a top priority next time around with tons of pics. Anywho, I was on a mission…had a bunch of errands to run and not a lot of time unfortunately… I had already been gone nearly 3 hours with the jaunt to Pearsall. So many home-grown shops and big name brand ones and so little time!! Most everything I needed was right on Main St. How convenient!! First stop, only because it’s the first one I came to, nail salon!! Bye Bye broken short nails, hello long strong beautiful nails!!

The next big item on the list – ordering new glasses. We found a few optical stores online on Main Street but I couldn’t find a one of em!! Drat!! So I went all the way down Main to the Super Walmart hoping they’d have an optical and they did!! Crisis averted!! I ordered and new pair of regular glasses and a pair of sunglasses totally $250. Not bad!! They’ll be available for pick up in 7-10 days, oh darn, another trip to Uvalde…dang… Off to shopping the big beautiful Super Walmart!! I only ventured where I needed to…otherwise I could have spent the whole day looking!! Got our supplies, checked for Chris’s game – no luck, found a dual hot plate for the RV – Score!! I’m outta here!!

Got outside with my goods to find a huge rain cloud looming over head. We have a chance for rain everyday this week but my whole trip thus far had been full of sunshine. Problem is I couldn’t get my driver’s side window to go up when I was going into the Walmart. I called Chris and he figured it got jammed up from all the dirt kicked around at home, no biggie he’d look at it when I got home. No biggie unless it rains!! And from the look and sound of things – it was fixin to rain!! I kicked it up in high gear to get everything loaded hoping I could outrun it. No such luck… And it didn’t just rain, it poured!! It poured bucket upon bucket loads. I was completely soaked!! I had one more errand I wanted to run but I could barely see where I was going and I couldn’t just leave the car outside in a rain storm with the window down. So I set the GPS for home and waded my way back through town to the highway. I wasn’t too far down the highway when I finally outrun the storm. But by then I was nervous that the storm was heading for home and I needed Chris to have time to tinker with the window before it got there!! No need to worry about that…we parted ways somewhere along the highway because we never did get any rain last night. I did have a nice cool drive home while I was drying off though!!

Chris pulled apart the console and was able to clean out the buttons and get the window back up without a problem. Just something to keep in mind for next time…just in case. I thought I’d be lazy for dinner and try out my new hot plate and cook inside. By now we are both famished and anything sounded good, anything quick that is!! So some homemade cheeseburger mac sounded like just the ticket. I’ve got two burners, one for the pasta and one for the hamburger – Perfect!! Get everything set up and wait for the water to boil. And wait. And wait. And wait. You see where this is going…nowhere!! The water wouldn’t boil!! It tried but it just wouldn’t come to a full rolling boil. Did I mention we’re starving?? So I said to hell with it and went outside and boiled the pasta on the coleman. The hamburger browned up just fine on the other burner… I don’t get it?? So between the hot plate and coleman we finally had dinner…at 8:30pm. But of course the gate starts going crazy with people leaving. Not a peep the whole time we’re waiting for the water to boil… Murphy’s law I guess. So we ate in shifts to tend to the gate.

After all that and a long day on the gate Chris was toast. He needed a nap in the worst way. So I sent him off and took the first half of the late shift on the gate. With the fracing going on we’re getting stragglers all through the night at the gate. No snoozing allowed while fracing!! But we heard yesterday that the fracing will be completed and moved out by the end of this weekend. Not bad!! I made it until 1am before I had to wake Chris for a swap. Another 21 hr day done.




8 thoughts on “Adventures in Uvalde!!

  1. You do have some adventures! The window down in a downpour sounds nasty.

    Glad you got your glasses.

    When we were in Cotulla it took forever to boil water on a gas stove! I believe it was over 20 minutes. I couldn’t figure it out. Hmmm, mysterious. I wonder if bleach in the water has anything to do with it.

    Have you received any more rain tonightl?


    • It rained the better part of yesterday but nothing last night…just checked the weather for today and we could see thunderstorms the majority of today too. I’ll take it!! How’s the weather in San Antonio?? One of our truckers said it’s always 7-10 degrees cooler there then here in the desert.. True??

      • Kristy,
        Nope, not always 7-10 degrees cooler…more like 2-4 degrees cooler. This morning we had wonderful thunder, lightning and rain for over two hours. Quite the storm. I love it!

        I’m wondering if those bugs from your post today are termites?? Ask Vicky. She’s seen a lot of termites.


  2. We must be the lucky ones, I use hot plates all the time and no problems. Glad we got ours. I have not cooked outside yet, Don’t want the dust blowing in it.

    I have a question on your glasses, you got prescription lenses, and what else. I am needing new glasses but I like the plastic lenses, photo gray for sunglasses, and of course I need bi focal. The price is great and at that price I would get mine there.

    We only got a few drops of rain here, we have yet to have a good rain, we really could use some. I hope it holds off, till after Sat., as we are going to Larado, will be fun to drive around and taking the dog, he misses his long rides.

    • Hiya Kathy!! Let’s see… My frames were $58 & $28. I got the plastic lenses with anti-glare on my regular glasses and then on the sunglasses I got the anti-glare and polarized lenses with UV protection. Nothing too fancy and no real bifocals. They were nice & helpful since I didn’t have hubby with me to model the frames for!!

  3. Thank you for the info., I am going to have to check into them there. I do not have insurance so at these prices I can get them a lot cheaper than I had planned. You have very helpful on lots of things.

    You explore far more than I do, I think I am a stick in the mud. I have a regular routine that I stick to Mondays I do shopping laundry and any other errands that need to be done. I rarely go out after that. I am going to the girls luncheon once a month and now will explore around the areas with us trading with neighbors for a day with hubby, every 4-6 weeks.

    I so enjoy reading your and Susan’s blog you tell me about places, and what to expect there. So big thanks….. to you and Susan

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