Let it Rain!!

We have been teased so many times with the possibility of rain it’s not funny!! I don’t even check the weather anymore. What’s the point? It’s gonna be hot, that’s a given, and more than likely it’s going to be dry. Yesterday morning was way different though! The humidity was so thick it was leaving water spots on the gate but it wasn’t raining. I could literally see the humidity in the air by the flood lights. Something was up!! After all my years in Illinois with their humidity I knew…I just knew we were finally going to get some real rain!! A quick check of the weather and yep, rain!! So I waited. By 10am I was starting to wonder if it was all a lie…again. But not to long after the first sprinkles started.

It rained for hours. Sometimes a soft sprinkle up to a pretty good down pour. Sweet rain. Lovely rain. Enchanting rain. Much much needed rain!! I enjoyed the rain. I can’t remember the last time I stood in the rain and just felt in on my skin, felt how cool the temperature was. I absolutely love the sound of rain on the roof of the RV. It is so calming and relaxing, hypnotic almost.

And yours truly got the privilege to “man” the gate during the whole rain fest. I have yet to find the 2 gallon baggies at the Wally to cover the clipboard with so it didn’t take long for my pages to get soggy. So I grabbed a little notebook to jot their info on and then transfer it to the real clipboard inside. Worked beautifully!!

As the rain was slowing down and coming to an end I was waiting on the gate for a truck slowly coming down to leave and noticed something in the dirt was moving. Just a little something, no need for alarm. All these little white, maggot looking things are moving around a small hole and then this bug flew out!! Just a little moth like bug but still!! A bug just flew out from the ground!! I continued to watch as I waited and more and more of these little bugs came out. Now I’m noticing that these bugs are flying everywhere. I wonder what they are and how many little holes opened up for them all to fly out of. And what were the white ones? Babies? As soon as I could shut the gate I ran back into the rig and grabbed the camera. I had hoped to get a pic of the bug but this is all I could get, I guess that hole was out of bugs…

After the rain subsided and the blue sky was slowly peaking back through the clouds we had a visitor from LOMA. He stopped by to check on us and bring us Chris’ security license!! WooHoo!! We’re official now!! While we were chatting we saw not 1, not 2 but 3 deer crossing further down the road to the site. I told him we’ve never had them come this far up to watch and enjoy them. He told me to bait them with corn. Set some corn down so far and just keep bringing it closed to the rig and before long they’ll be eating in our driveway where we can watch them all the time. Yippee!! Corn in on the list for the next town run!!

To round out a perfectly lovely day we had a crockpot supper of butterfly pork chops, thickly sliced onion, sliced red potatoes covered in cream of mushroom soup. Simple and delicious!! I just didn’t want to mess with the hot plate and the bugs were out in full force after the rain. As for tonight…well that’s anyone’s guess at this point!! TeeHee

Fracing update: Everything is on schedule if not ahead of schedule since the crew cut out about an hour early yesterday. The sand trucks have been continuously in and out with the only reprieve between 10pm-2am.

They are calling for more rain today…we’ll see…but I’m hoping!!

Until then



2 thoughts on “Let it Rain!!

    • Thanks Yolanda!! We refill our gallon jugs at the water stations. They are set up in front of pretty much every store we go to so it’s super convenient. Super cheap too at .20 – .25 cents a refill.
      Love ya!

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