Brownies for Breakfast

We have been fracing along, it’s been fracing busy, but we are almost the frac done!! OK, now that I got that out of my system… TeeHee

The frac crew reported in this morning that they only have 2 more stages until completion. Yippee!! They will definitely be moved out my the end of this weekend, right on schedule. An interesting tid bit on fracing I found out yesterday – Each well can have 19-22 stages of fracing and each stage pays/costs approximately 1 million dollars!!! There is big money to be had out here on the oil drilling sites!! Too bad us little ole gate guards don’t see a bigger piece of that pie!! Oh well…

We have been getting spoiled rotten by the chef for the frac crew. I think he took a liking to us or a little pity, maybe a little of both, regardless he has been feeding us regularly!! We had the most amazing meatloaf known to man and a chicken salad made for kings!! Both of us were too hungry and eager to take pics of either… He is such a sweet man with a true talent!! I only know one other man that can cook like that, Edwardo and my chef Todd would get along smashingly!! As for Brownies for breakfast… One of our residents that stays the majority of the time down by the wells came in early this morning from an overnighter at home with the wife and kids. His wife made us a huge dish of brownies!! You should have seen Chris’ eyes light up when he came back in the rig. Poor thing hasn’t had a single baked good in over 7 weeks now. You think that he’d never had a brownie before in his life!! Too cute!! So of course we had brownies for breakfast!!

The hunt for a new rig continues. We are planning a trip next weekend to go look at some candidates and take a breather from the gate. After nearly 2 months on the gate we’re ready for a little couple time!! And the fracing crew will be long gone and the flowback team should be all moved in making it an easy babysit of the gate while we’re out playing. We’ll be sticking close and heading to San Antonio to see what they have to offer. I know there’s a Sea World that I’ve had my eye on since we originally drove through. And you all know we’ll be hitting all the Starbucks we can find along the way!!

It was an extremely early morning for me!! Up at 2:30am so Chris could run to town to pick up some drinking water. With the chef feeding us we didn’t need groceries and with picking up a few new pieces of clothing we’re doing fine on laundry too but the drinking water thing is a little important and we absolutely can not run out. So off he went about 4am. Made good time even with the dark roads and was back home by 5:45am. Yep, nearly 2 hours to run to town to get water and come back, and he made great time!! It’s amazing the things you can get used to!!

Well, I’m off to do more online RV hunting!! Wish us luck!!

Madcap Out



3 thoughts on “Brownies for Breakfast

  1. Funny, I am the one who bakes for some of our workers here. The young guys are so nIce that I either make cupcakes or brownies for them. You think I was giving them the moon. I use my toaster oven. I have slowed down baking , I only bake on my shift at night now to cut down on heating up the rig.
    I hope you and Chris good luck on your hunt, we are heading out today our selves so looking forward to couple time. ( we family time) I want to take our dog for a long ride, he has missed them so much.

    Good luck on your home search…

    • I’d love to make cookies for the guys but we have no way of cooking any kind of baked goods… I keep forgetting to get the Angel food cake mix for the 3-2-1 cake from Susan’s blog too.
      Have a fabulous mini vaca!! We are excited for ours too!! I think we just may have found the rig of our dreams!! Please keep your fingers crossed for us!!
      Be safe!

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