The Fracing Finale

The last couple stages of fracing were finished up late yesterday afternoon, later than they were hoping but completed nonetheless. Some of the trucks and trailers came out last night but the bulk majority of it will come out today in a convoy of trucks full of equipment. I’m hoping to get some good pictures for ya’ll!! It should be quite the sight to see!! We’re expecting a very busy day. Some of the heavy-duty trailers to haul the equipment out have already started to trickle in this morning.

We think Chris got stung by one of the many varieties of bees/wasps/hornets we have around. Since the rain earlier in the week the bug problem inside the rig has resurfaced.  Ugghhh. Tiny little gnats, beetles, crickets, flying stuff and the stinging ones too!! The kids are great at helping us find the pests and eliminating them, especially Pinks!! She is the bug-inator (Terminator reference again…). Anywho, Chris felt a sharp stab on the palm of his hand, we never saw the culprit, and it immediately began to swell and bruise. I was concerned but he seemed unphased. We put the icepack on it for a while and he seems fine now except for a sore hand…

Since no one was volunteering to feed us last night, I had to actually cook!! Imagine that!! I figured I’d try out this hotplate thing again since it was so hot yesterday, or at least I was, and the idea of cooking outside was beyond me. So I made us some yummy beef n broccoli with rice. A dish we haven’t had in quite a while and could be done on the hotplate. Chris did get the rice to boil on the coleman, just to be sure, and then we let it simmered on the hotplate while I was sauteing the rest. Everything turned out lovely!! Even with a 9pm dinner time we still can’t have dinner together uninterrupted!! Grrrr.

After hours upon hours of research online we finally found the RV of our DREAMS!!! There are two available within reasonable driving distance, one is in Houston and the other in Peoria AZ. It’s a Rexhall Aerbus XL3550, one is a 1996 the other a 1998. Both are gorgeous with a unique floorplan that feels like it was made just for us!! More to come!!!

My first gate guest this morning was Glen in his semi. He needed to haul one of the Cat dirt pushers to the next job site for super early. Well Glen is special, he travels with his little terrier chihuahua dog that is beyond cute!! So the rest of the supplies we had for Muttly went to this cute like guy. Such a nice way to start the day!! Here’s the closest pic I could find of what the little doll looked like.

Ain’t he adorable!!  Awwwww. Just the right size for my purse!!!








Off to have some breakfast before what I anticipate to be a long hot day. But then the fracing will be DONE!! And hopefully we can return to our nice quiet gate!! Fingers crossed!!

That’s all folks.


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