Dragonflies are the BEST!!

What a day we had yesterday!! Highs and low, hots and colds… Let’s just start from the beginning, shall we??

Fracing finale – I think not!! More like the fracing drawn out, make the gate guard miserable, in & out over and over again parade. Ugghhh!! We cleared out a couple more big pieces of equipment, one at a time. With just enough time between to make it worth going inside to get out of the heat but not enough time to really do anything or cool off. I bet we made easily over 100 trips back and forth to the gate. And did I mention it was hot?? Oh yeah, the heat index was well over 100 degrees. Running in and out of the rig isn’t great for keeping it cool inside either. We topped out at 92.6 inside yesterday. We both were overheated and exhausted.

Solution – Pizza night!! Now how are we going to have a pizza night?? No delivery boy, for no amount of tip, is going to bring us pizza… Right? Unless the pizza delivery boy is a resident on the site that is running into town anyway for some groceries!! Yippee!! Chase, such a nice young man, delivered us pizza and wouldn’t take a penny in return!! His beautiful wifey is the one that made us those awesome brownies!! So we slowly enjoyed our pizza, savoring each bite. Just one of those luxuries that you take for granted in civilization. Go figure you can order a pizza to your doorstep when ever you like!!

While we were marveling in the simple pleasure of pizza a storm started rolling in. I said to Chris, “How romantic! Dinner and a show!!” I love a good thunderstorm!! So I settled in and watched the lightning as the clouds went from gray to dark to black. Ok, a good thunderstorm is one thing but this turned into a bad storm real quick! Lightning was striking everywhere around us. We felt like the center of the storm. Did you know that the cloud the lightning originates from will pause the rain to thunder and then resume the downpour?? We didn’t and it was the freakiest thing ever!! And not in the good way… Just imagine it. You’re in an absolute downpour, you see the lightning, then everything stops – no wind, no rain – and you hear the deepest window rattling thunder of your life, and then it all begins again like the storm paused for the thunders moment on the stage. This happened repeatedly as the storm passed over us at glacier pace. After nearly 3 hours the storm passed and left us with just normal rain and lightning at a good distance. One of the residents came up to check on us, they were concerned because lightning struck at the site and in between us and the site. Thank God no one was hurt!! Our water meter shows 1.5 inches of rain accumulation and our “yard” is looking more like a moat. Chris has always wanted a moat, not thinking this was the way he planned it though… The rig did sustained some damage I’m afraid. We’re letting things dry out a little before we evaluate the extent of the damage. We’ll keep ya posted.

Poor Chris still had to work the night shift. That’s right, the storm may have slowed the trucks down but they didn’t stop coming!! So during the storm and in the massive puddles left after the storm he maned the gate. He finally dug out the hairdryer to do his best at keeping his shoes semi dry.

Where there’s rain there’s bugs!! More rain equals more bugs!! They were coming up through all these tiny holes in the ground. Yuck!! Insert Dragonflies to the rescue!! I’ve never understood this love of dragonflies, the decorations, wall art, I’ve even seen a dragonfly tattoo! I don’t get it, especially when the artist rendition is the carton version that looks nothing like the actual bug. Now I do agree that the wings of a dragonfly are quite beautiful but those are pictures taken by professionals with zoom lenses not in nature. But nothing has ever looked as beautiful as the swarm of dragonflies this morning with the scissor tail birds and the roadrunners gobbling up all the wretched bugs the rain brought out!!

Off to meet more guests at the gate…

Madcap Out


4 thoughts on “Dragonflies are the BEST!!

  1. Yuck, and double yuck on the mess after the rain and the bugs.

    Did you have deep gooey mud too? We used croc knock-offs when it got muddy. Just slipp them off on a throw rug inside the door. Slip them back on to go outside.

    Some gate guards buy cheap rain boots and a plastic tub. Fill the plastic tub with about 3-4″ of water. Slip on the rain boots to go in the mud and muck, step into the plastic tub, swish the boots around to get the mud off. Take off boots. I’ve never done this myself, but I would think you’d need an awning under which to slip off your boots.

    Maybe someone who uses the rain boots can give you the whole scoop on how to do it.

    For us, the cheapo plastic clogs worked very well.


    • If this rain keeps up I may have to resort to clogs…but I don’t want to… I think they’re hideous!! Like there’s a big fashion show on the gate or something…Teehee

  2. I do have the boots, I leave then on the steps, I actually wear them most nights just because. I have the regular cowboy boots I got last week, but still breaking them in. Anyways, for me the rubber boots are great they come up 12 in to the calf of the leg, and with the rain coat that goes to the boots I am good. We hang the coat it drips on the steps, and I take off my boots and leave on the steps if muddy if not I leave them on the rug. It is not fun working in the rain, but again we have not have any real rain except for the first month we were here. The rain washed out our road. It rained here the other day for 10 mins. again we really missed out. I guess we can say we have been blessed to miss it all. We got a dust storm today and that was the big thing here. We even seen the rainbow, I did take pictures.
    There are the regular rubber boots you can get or the western rubber boots either way both are cute and sassy.

    Hopefully not much damage to your RV. I hope that all works out well for you. Also, good luck on the RV hunt.

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