Frack and Double Frack!

He Said

Wow, what a week it has been.  But the last of the fracking is FINALLY over.  Today they took the last of their equipment, never to return…  Or at least not for 4-6 weeks.  Yes that’s right, 4 to 6 weeks we will be doing it again!  Apparently the reason we have been so busy is because they were not prepping/working on 1 additional well, but 2.  And we get to go through the whole fracking thing again after the flow back thing is done.  Or so that’s what I understand.  It is really kind of funny; we have been having a really hard time with this week, and couldn’t really put our finger on it.  Then some of the regulars came in today, and it hit us like a ton of bricks.  They all came in at the same time, said things like “good morning” and “thank you” and “have a great day, I’ll see you this afternoon”  There was no horn honking so that they didn’t have to stop (like that ever worked anyway), and as silly as it sounds, they felt like they wanted to be here.   I know what you must be thinking, it sounds stupid, but MOST not all but MOST of the fracking crew were kids.  Not child labor, but kids you know 18-24.  There were some issues with them; I guess some were still mentally in high school or in their gang back home.  Yes, I said gang!  funny thing about that, as they were pulling some of the bigger machinery out, there were “Glyphs” in the dust of whatever social club those kids were affiliated with, and it didn’t look like the YMCA logo….  anyway the kids seemed to resent us, or maybe it was the job.  Not sure why or what, maybe it was because they had to stop and slow down, maybe it was being gainfully employed in this economy, or even the 5am wakeup call they got, or because we smiled and waved like we always do. For some reason it pisses people off when they are mad at the world and you laugh and tell them to have a great day.  I even had a guy scold me yesterday at 2am, because he had to wait for me to get out of the trailer.  I felt it my duty to inform him that things had died down from the night before and no one has been by since 10pm, and I wasn’t in starting position at the door with the vest on and clipboard in one hand and the door knob in the other.  Funny how as you get older you seen to appreciate the little things in life, like employment and politeness.  Anyway, we will miss the adults of the party, like Chef Todd and a few others.  But we hope the kids stay home for the next fracking round!

Ahem, sorry, /end rant

So it has been a muddy rainy mess here for the past few days, I took Big Red into town this morning and went mud surfing in her…  too bad the heavy rain from the day before had her as clean as I have ever seen her…  More rain in the forecast for the next day or two, I’ll have to put on the snow tires to get to town again if it does.  But, on a good note, I found HEB bubble water!  In cans even.  I must admit it is some of the best I have ever had to, it is literally carbonated water, there is NOTHING added!  There is usually a little something slipped in there, like a little sodium or something unpronounceable, but not the HEB brand, I guess it is true what it stands for….  And with the amount of water we have been drinking, it is nice to get the carbonation to give you that clean feeling after a mouthful of dust…  And I have been getting tired of cola, just doesn’t always quench.  Now if someone would figure out how to make a good cup of kofy that was in a can and carbonated, now that would be something!  You know like one of those frap things you have to shake, but carbonated so you shouldn’t shake it…

We are both hopping that things will slow down a bit for the next week or two, would be nice to catch up on some sleep and errands.  Again I must laugh at the things that get sacrificed when things get busy, like regular grocery runs, laundry, meals that take more than 10 mins to prep, cook and eat.  Yeah the little things.  Even the camera has been neglected; I usually get 3-5 good pics a day, but haven’t had the time/energy for it.

After a week like this, we just say the magic word, “HURRUMPH!” and it all goes away and we feel better.

So till next time, Hurrumph!

She Said

I thought it was only fair that both of us chime in on the whole fracing experience now that it is over. Hallelujah!!!

I completely agree with Chris’ assessment. I just have a few things to add… The company that was subcontracted to do the fracing was from out-of-state, I’ll just leave it at that. They were NOT the polite, courteous, friendly and respectful men we have grown accustomed to with the local Texans. These men, with a couple of exceptions, were just down right rude!! It was the first time I felt looked down on for being the lowly gate guard. That’s an awful way to treat someone!! Add that in with the heat and rain and it spells disaster. But only for us meager gate guards so whatever, oh well… Or so the attitude of the week was anywho. And Chris was right, again, it didn’t click until the regulars started coming back. Then all the horn honking, grunts, blank stares, tinted windows (because they didn’t even roll down their window to say hello) and head nods really sunk in for what it was – RUDE!! I tried to learn their names, at least the sand truck guys and the fracers that would speak to me, so we played the name game. I’d try to remember and they had fun cuz I was usually right. But not one of them asked my name…not one.

So my overall assessment of the frac experience – 2 thumbs down.

Onward. Our pipe welders are back laying the groundwork for the flowback to begin. They reported in this morning that they’ll more than likely be finishing up tomorrow. Not sure how soon after the flowback team will move in. They’ll stay on site so we’ll have some new residents!!

Chris did the run into town for necessary supplies yesterday morning. While at the HEB he found us a real single electric burner in addition to the hot plate. I probably looked right over it every time I’ve been there… Anywho I thought I’d give it a whirl last night and whip up some breakfast – fried potatoes, sausage and eggs. Sounds easy enough right? Took forever!! Because it is only one little burner and the circuit breaker couldn’t handle having both the burner and hot plate plugged in. But it got the job done and breakfast was fabulous!!

Today we’re going to see what the weather holds and Chris may go back into town to finish up the errands. He isn’t comfortable sending me until he knows the creek bed road is dry enough. Thank heavens!! What would I do with a Miata stuck in the mud?? But I do feel bad…this will be the 3rd time in a row Chris has had to do the laundry… *smirk* He is also going to dig out my jewels this afternoon. Since we have slowed way down I may be able to work on a few pieces. We’ll see…

Until then



6 thoughts on “Frack and Double Frack!

  1. Your experience with that behavior at the gate is not unusual. You just have to remember what and who you are dealing with. Don’t take it personal. If any of them, through rude behavior or whatever, impede your ability to do the job, report them to the co man. Bet he’ll take care of it.
    I enjoy your blog…….keep it coming.

    • Thanks Texas!! Sometimes it’s easier said than done…but worth the reminder!! We’re glad you’re enjoying!! Stay tuned…big things are happening!!

  2. Ah, fracing, no end to trucks coming and going.

    When we went hiking last weekend, we kept having to go up really steep hills. It was hot and humid, we were getting exhausted. At one point, I just looked at yet another steep set of anti-erosion stairs and said, “Fracitty, frac, frac!”

    I guess we were really lucky. Our frac crews were 97% gentlemen. There was an occasional @$$h0le thrown into the mix, but overall, we liked our crews. We had many workers from Louisiana, some from Oregon, Idaho, Colorado. They came from all over the place. Texas trucking is where the money is.

    When will you be coming up to San Antonio? If you come up before July 24, come and see us (or me if Bob is working). I know time is precious, so if you’ve got too much to do, I understand. If you’d like to go to lunch, though, it would be fun to go to Pappasito’s Cantina.


    • Lucky you Susan!! Our crew was from Mississippi or Alabama I think… Love those guys from Idaho!! We thought the nicest people on earth were in Idaho until we moved to Texas. Thanks for the invite but our plans have changed dramatically. Breaking news coming soon.

  3. I also enjoy your blog, our time will be coming soon enough. We were told that they will frack for both of our sites at the same time. We will have 2 wells on one side of us,and 4 on the other side of us. We might also have to wait till the other 2 gates get done drilling. We were told we are all so close that who knows what, They are working on well 2 now, then 2 more to go.
    With your post you keep us in the loop as to what to expect. lol sounds like we will be super busy. I guess the positive will be it will help with the weight loss and dieting.
    On the other note we had the 2 burner hot plate and it was slow. We bought 2 hot plates from Lowe’s and they are awesome they cook up fast and cool down so fast. I only cook with them now.
    Good luck on your next round, and keep the post coming.

    • You are going to be beyond busy!! Hope they pay you double what they pay us!! As for the hot plate vs burner – I think my hotplate is a defect, it’s going back to the store today. When the small plate will do whatever I want and the large one does virtually nothing…it’s defective. I’m good with my one little burner!!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying!! More posts on the way!!
      Thanks!! =)

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