A Brand New Adventure Begins

It’s 1:30am and instead of being snuggled in bed with my hubby and kids I’m watching the gate. I hope everyone is sleeping soundly as I type away…

I didn’t feel very well today, tummy issues (sometimes being a girl just sucks) and ended up sleeping the afternoon away. Well that cut out Chris’ nap time so I’m on the night shift and he is sleeping soundly. I was just about to sneak in a little cat nap since the gate has been quiet since the day crew left at 6pm. We actually got to eat dinner without either one of us having to run outside for the gate!! But just as I was setting my alarm for 5am a trucker came to the gate… At 1am!! Really?? Ugghhh. So much for that nappy poo.

So, anyone that has read the blog knows that we have an older RV, with issues. The issues are really too many to mention at this point but the worst of the worst is the lack of running water/huge water leak. We have been on our gate for nearly 2 months now and never had running water. We’ve been dealing, making due…suffering in silence is more like it. During our bad storm last weekend we developed a roof leak. Oh joy! Once things dried out a little Chris climbed up on the roof to check things out. And to our great surprise and utter disbelief the whole roof is buckling. All this time we have been praying the floor didn’t fall out from under us and now we have a roof that may collapse on top of us?? It’s just not safe to stay in this RV anymore. Not that it was really safe in the first place but sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do. We have finally accepted we need to replace the RV now, we simply cannot wait any longer.

Being on a 24/7 gate poses a bit of a problem with trailer shopping. Obviously it isn’t safe for anyone to be in our RV to babysit our gate. We’ve heard of people babysitting gates from their trucks but we’d need to be gone for 2-3 days… That’s just asking too much of anyone including the men at LOMA. So we have decided to leave the gate to take care of business – getting rid of the RV and purchasing a new (to us) truck and trailer. July 31st will be our last day on the gate. We wanted to give LOMA as much notice as possible to find a replacement gate guard. They have been very good to us, it’s the least we can do for them. Once our relief arrives we’ll pack it up and head to Houston to shop for our new home.

We have decided to take our new home on the road to stretch her legs and get a feel for a trailer versus an RV. Also getting to know what fulltiming is like with all systems up and running!! We are going to wander our way up to the Sugar beet Harvest in North Dakota. We’ll have a good 6 weeks to take in some sights and relax before starting the harvest. We’ll get to visit my family along the way too, an extra bonus!

Big adventures to come… Exciting. Scary. Rewarding.

Any tid bits on trucks and trailers would be very helpful…this is new territory for us and we welcome any hints and words of wisdom!!

Yours Truly



4 thoughts on “A Brand New Adventure Begins

  1. Whoa, roof buckling, no water. How do you do it? Glad to hear you’re taking action. I will send you a PM with some thoughts on truck and trailer.

    Best of luck to you. Hopefully we’ll see you down the road.

    Sugar beet harvest, eh? From the frying pan into the fire. Can’t wait to read your posts on that!


    • I’ll email you for more info on the truck n trailer and the sugar beets… We’ll take all the info we can get to be prepared!! Thanks for all your help!!

  2. Do your best to get something built for FT, Monana, Cameo, Holiday Rambler Alumiscape, etc. be sure to get enough truck to be safe in all conditions.

    Can’t wait to hear about the new adventures.

    Wayne & Rhonda

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