One of the things I love about fulltiming is that no two days are the same. At least not for us… We have no schedule and if we need to know what day it is we have to consult the calendar. I always thought it was such a waste to spend 5 (or more) days a week doing what we “had” to in order to get 2 (if we were lucky) days to do what we wanted. Especially when all the “chores” piled up over the week eliminating the fun time with more work!! What an awful cycle that was!!

Gate Guarding, if you let it, can be the same rut, just a horse of a different color. Some of the couples we’ve met look at GGing just like we looked at our 9-5 corporate jobs. This is what they do. When they have enough cash banked they take off for a couple week vacation and then they’re back on a gate until the next vacation 6 or more months later. They work their designated shifts, everything runs like clockwork. Maybe we’re just not that disciplined or into it…not sure…but for us it’s a whatever arrangement. We sleep when we sleep, sometimes IF we sleep, we run to town when we want to or have to, whatever… We eat when we’re hungry, we shower when we’re dirty…whatever whenever. One of our loyal followers goes to town every Monday to do all the errands, that’s her schedule. Great! Fabulous! I just can’t do it… Some days I just need to get off the gate and be in civilization, other times we need to go but neither of us wants to drive the dry creek bed to get to town, and then there’s those times where like it or lump it one of us has to go or we’re back to the nudist gate or reduced to eating saltines with peanut butter because that’s all there is or even worse yet Dickie Doo is out of kibble and will drive us crazy with his yodeling until fresh num nums is served. So why stress a schedule?? We do what we do when we do it… Easy Breezy!! Hard to get into a rut when there’s no set path to begin with!!

So why can’t we follow a schedule?? Is it really a disciple thing??

Or maybe…

Maybe we’re just rebels and can’t stand rules… Maybe we want to do something different… Maybe we want to fly by the seat of our pants and see where life takes us… Maybe we should join the traveling circus!! Much to my Mother’s horror!! TeeHee.

But seriously, there are hundreds of possibilities!! I follow blogs where they travel all summer to different festival and concert arenas to work in the ticket booths. How cool beans would that be?!?! Or take jobs following the Motor Cross or Motor Speedway circuit? Or how about all the folks that travel and work at the Renaissance Festivals, Medieval Fairs, Civil War reenactments?? And there’s always the carnivals, county and state fairs, craft shows, flea markets, home shows, RV shows etc. Others develop mobile businesses so they can work when they need the cash and then play until it’s gone and then work some more…like car detailing, car/RV repair, traveling nurses etc. Or you could work the harvests picking anything from apples to grapes to asparagus or sacking potatoes and sugar beets. There’s also working around holidays – selling fireworks for the 4th of July and New Years, working on a pumpkin patch before Halloween (how fun would that be?? We’d get to dress up for a whole month!! Awesome!!), selling Christmas trees or working at seasonal stores that pop up only around the different holidays and some work for the tax people during their busiest at the first of the year (not that I consider that a holiday…). I follow another blog (have I mention I LOVE blogs??) where he has a publication, quarterly newsletter he writes, prints, sells in addition to putting together rallies for us nomads and is a published ebook author of several mystery novels. All of these (and many more I’m sure that I’ve missed or not discovered yet) in addition to working at campgrounds and resorts. My point is…for us at least…there are so many fun and exciting options out there for us to choose from why limit it to just one?? Why not try them all?? If we do a job and like it – Fabulous!! If we don’t we don’t have to do it again and I’m sure we’ll learn something in the process and have gained yet another experience.

I don’t believe we were put here on earth to trudge through the week to do a little “living” on the weekend or to plan an adventure around when a big corporation deems us worthy of time off. I think we were destined for more. But if you want your 9-5 office job, your pension (if that really exists anymore), your X number of days off a year, your holiday pay, your 401K, your perks and benefits than good for you!! Enjoy!! Congrats!! It’s not for us though.

Happiness is in the eye of the beholder too…

Madcap Out



5 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. You tell it like it is. Way to go.

    Another job you could do is work at amazon.com during the holiday season (two months or so) in either Fernley, Nevada, Campbellsville, Kentucky or Coffeyville, KS. We worked in Fernley, NV. Beautiful in a high desert sort of way, but COLD!! The work is hard but doable.

  2. I hope you find many exciting things that makes you both happy, I am sure you both will find several things to occupy your time and give you so much experience. I understand and even when Susan was leaving I understood. Funny how you pickup on things. I love both your blogs and follow every night/day. I could tell you both were not really happy doing this, GG thing, I am so happy you both have decided what will make you happy, and are doing it.There is nothing more important than to do what you want and not have to worry what others think, that is what makes each of us who we are. I am very honored to have met such nice women and hopefully our paths will cross again.

    We are so lucky to have my husbands pension, and be able to work when we want for the vacations to travel and work again if we choose to. I did not know if I would be able to stick it out, and every time I think of things I want to do, I am more than eager to work. So many places, things and just plain wish list things I want to do . I can truly say I am still happy, I am looking forward to Oct. , to be able to go home for a few months, see some family and then I will be ready to come back, to work again for a few months.

    I wish you both happiness and I am sure you will keep the great post coming. I enjoy them so much from you and Susan, I also read a few others. I have learned a lot about myself here in the “bush” lol. I am tougher than I thought I could be. I have the best husband in my mind ,and he does so much to make my life good here. Yes we each try to make it easier for the other and he is more than willing to work so I can go if I want to. Schedules is a word , here on the gate there is none, we do take off when we need to I try to stick to my Mondays to do the chores as they say.I do take off if I need to, tomorrow I am going to San Antonio with another GG lady I met, Theresa, she also works for LOMA. So will be fun day for us both, shopping on the list, and lunch I am sure.

    Best wishes to both of you. Stay the way you are free, loving and just letting the wind carry you to the next place you call home for a while.

    • Thank you for all the well wishes!! I wouldn’t say we are unhappy but I think we can be happier. I am always looking for our Utopia…GG isn’t it for us. So onward we go!! But the money is good so you never know we may be back… Never say Never!! But we are definitely looking forward to some new experiences!!

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