Picture Update

Since I was absentee for a couple of days it only seems fair that I post twice today!! TeeHee!! Besides you all have been picture deprived as of late. Time to fix that!! A blog with all our pics lately.

Hope you enjoy!!

Chris took this sunrise picture for me a day I over slept. He knows how much I love em and didn’t want me to miss it. Such a sweetie pea!! It was such a great one too!!

This is the same sunrise but the camera lens filmed over with the dew/humidity in the air. Made for a cool effect. You can almost feel how hot it is!! Almost.

Do you see the Indian?? This is a pic from early on at the gate. One of the guys jumped out of the truck and a shirt fell out. We picked it up and threw it over the gate for when they came back through but no on claimed it. It stayed on the gate for probably a week like this. In the rain and wind it always held this silhouette from our view inside the RV. We said it was our Indian Guardian. Whether you believe or not I can assure you that we have visitors here. This was only our first sign.

This is a picture of the horses speeding away. Really ticked me off!! So…I see this truck & trailer driving up to the gate. I didn’t think they were going to stop since we’ve never had horses down here before. But they did!! I was so excited!! I grabbed the camera and the clipboard and ran out to the gate. It was a friend of the ranch owners. Him and his son had come to ride the horses to check on the water pond and some livestock of a neighboring ranch. He had 3 beautiful horses in the trailer!! But I was a bother to him and he wouldn’t even let me take a real picture so this is all I got as they were speeding away… Grrr!

Once again the dew/humidity is covering the camera lens but this is one of our outside chairs covered in little hard-shelled green bugs. It must have been party central because the were all over the chairs and the screen room bag.

This is a big beetle bug, who knows which kind, that I had to zap one night cuz Pinks was slacking!! Nothing like seeing that thing crawling on your curtains!! Yuck!!

This is my new little friend I met on my first run down the dry creek bed road after the rain. He sure did move faster than I thought he would!!

If I had been just a minute slower I would have missed seeing him all together!!

Since our rains last week we have been seeing a lot of these random yellow & white flowers pop up throughout the brush. We have several white ones in our “yard”. This yellow one was from my walk the other day down the road to the site. Beauty is everywhere if you take the time to see it. A perfect yellow flower out of the sand. Amazing!!

Can you find the white flower??

My new nails!! Cuz that’s important too!! TeeHee!!

This is Goober hiding in Chris’ closet during our trip out here. She’s looking a little evil….

And then there’s Dickie Doo… Making himself comfy… On the counter top of all places!!

And an oldie but goodie of Pinks the incredibly folding rag doll. She’s just a little puff of sass!!


4 thoughts on “Picture Update

    • Post is updated. Should be good to go now. Isn’t it funny that the picture of the Indian Guardian is the one that went missing and messed with my whole post?? Curious…..

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