OH how things can change on a dime!!

Remember all those nice things I said about LOMA?? Well forget it!! Delete it from your memory and replace it with this… They will screw you at a moments notice if it serves their bottom line!!

We gave them notice of our leaving on August 15th. We briefly considered not giving much notice but that would have been wrong. But apparently if you give them notice they replace you immediately. By immediately I mean we have to leave TOMORROW!!!! Are we ready to leave? NO!! For one we’re going to lose out on over 3 weeks pay!! We were counting on that pay!! We actually work for the money…not shits and grins… For another we do not have a hotel room reserved (this is a big deal because of all the oil workers, everywhere is usually sold out!!), we do not have anything to transport the kids in and we don’t have a plan because our original plan revolved around another 3+ weeks of pay and ordering supplies!!!!

Now what??

Frac if I know!!

But it’ll be the next page of our adventure…

WARNING!!! DO NOT GATE GUARD FOR LOMA!!! And if you are…DO NOT under any circumstances give notice until you are packed and ready to leave!!


6 thoughts on “OH how things can change on a dime!!

  1. Damn that does not seem rite. I am very surprised, had heard many good things about LOMA? Never thhought they would do something like that, did you ‘push back’?

    • Hiya Wayne! It’s hard to push back when the decision comes from the President of the company… We spoke to 4 different “Managers” at LOMA and none of them knew what was going on… And then I was told to contact a 5th to find out about my last paycheck. Very frustrating!!

  2. Certainly sorry to hear that. I learned that same lesson years ago while working as a contract technician and then engineer at power plants. My idea of ‘two weeks notice’ was to leave and call back in two weeks to see of anybody noticed. Apparently LOMA is not aware of the internet. I’m sure they will not get the same consideration again. Take care.

    • We heard from one of our residents that the Oil industry is like that, there’s no such thing as a 2 week notice. If you say you’re moving on then you are moving on right then and there… Our resident and the company man of CCI were shocked at how LOMA was treating us… So I guess the 2 week notice in the oil industry applies to gate guards too. With LOMA at least…

  3. Crossed fingers for you, know how a ‘set back’ like that can affect you. Don’t let it, just power through it. All works out for the best.

    • We have a brand new game plan in motion already. Our bounce back time in next to nothing!! This is what we want to do and by golly we are going to figure out a way to do it!! Thanks for the extra support!! It’s priceless in these moments!!

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