Ahhhh Civilization!!

We loaded up the RV and Big Red and headed back into civilization yesterday. They made the trek down the dry creek bed road one more time without any issues and we landed in Pearsall. We are going to hunker down here for a little longer to get everything sorted but we’ll be back on the road before we know it!!

On the drive into town I couldn’t help but reflect on our time on the gate, the life lessons we learned, the wildlife we observed, the friends we made… An adventure we are both grateful for regardless of how it ended. It made us stronger as individuals and as a couple, those are good life lessons and experiences to have.

So, civilization and the creature comforts that we took for granted before…it is so good to be back in your loving arms!! We found a fabulous place to stay (We so lucked out!! They had a last-minute cancellation!!) that allows pets, has a cute little pool and the best damn shower EVER!! The people here at the Pearsall Inn have been so sweet and accommodating!! The nice lady yesterday morning arranged for us to check in several hours early to get the kids out of the heat and the nice man this morning stopped by while I was outside to offer to switch us to a smoking room for the remainder of our stay so we’d be more comfortable. I love Texans!!

Chris is so enjoying their real internet… He was able to download all the updates for, ROM, his online game and download the updates for his latest game, Diablo. He may even be able to get the last couple episodes of a show we missed the end to, Touch, today. I’m sure he picked up some cartoons and other silly stuff while he was at it.

We both enjoyed going into town together. Together! We went to the Wally, together. We went out for a late lunch/early dinner at Garcia’s Diner, together. Chris had heard their chicken fried steak was something we couldn’t miss, it was awesome, no exaggeration the best we’ve had in 4 states!! After I napped, Chris couldn’t fall asleep while I was asleep…one of the conditionings we are going to have to work on, we went to the HEB, together, to get drinks. We couldn’t pass up the shaved ice stand outside the HEB especially since I’d never had one before. I had mango, my new favorite flavor of everything, and Chris had coconut. They sure were good and hit the spot as the sun was setting.

I sit here in bed, next to my sweet husband as he sleeps peacefully in the cold AC, writing to you all before our day begins. It’s going to be a doozy of a day I think. With any luck we’ll have a new (to us) truck in place of the Miata and the RV will be unloaded, cleaned and sold. Tall order for the day so we’ll see…

For now, I’m going to savor this moment and count my blessings.

Until then….



2 thoughts on “Ahhhh Civilization!!

  1. Happy to hear you’re enjoying civilization once again. I hope you find a truck and trailer that meet your specifications and that you enjoy.

    Have a good week.


  2. FYI,
    I did see a 5th wheel for sale on 35 between exit 77 and Dilley. I have no clue how much but it did have the slides out and a big sign for sale. I know you said you were interested in one.
    I wish you and Chris the best of luck and will continue to read your blog as well as Susan’s. I have met great people here including you two. I wish you both so much luck out there on the open road.
    :Looking forward to your journey up North to work( hope I got that right).

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