Snowball Rides Again…

Well, the best laid plans… We are fixing up the brakes on the old girl to head out on the road again. Our dream of a new rig be it and truck and trailer or new (to us) RV will have to wait. We found a nice mechanic in Pearsall that will put the new brakes on for a very reasonable price and will let us look under the rig for the water leak too. We should be checking out of the hotel and making our way out of Texas tomorrow with any luck.

Yesterday we went into San Antonio and had dinner at a very nice “fancy” burger joint, Gourmet Burgers. It’s probably a chain but we’ve never seen one before. It’s was nice and quiet and the burgers were excellent!! They even had an ice cream burger but we didn’t indulge… And we couldn’t leave San Antonio without having a Starbucks!! Our first one in over 2 months!! It was delicious as always!! I had the Mocha Coconut Frap and Mr a hot Mocha. Hit the spot and gave us the caffeine boost to get through the traffic and back to Pearsall. We enjoyed a lovely sunset together on the way home with the top down and the wind in our hair as Chris reminisced of his time in San Antonio for his Air Force basic training and then Medina & Wichita Falls for Tech School. It was fun to hear his stories and to see it through his eyes from so long ago. When he left to join the Air Force it felt like, to this little girl at least, that he might as well be going to the moon. San Antonio seemed like a world away. Nice to finally see it and to marvel in how far we’ve come!!

Today will be spent cleaning the dirt and dust out of the RV, catching up on laundry and planning our route north. We had hoped to spend some lazy time by the pool too but they drained it yesterday so we just missed that boat… Dang it!! In our hunt for a mechanic we found another diner in town that we’ll be checking out today. We also need to pick up some supplies at the Wally before we head out. We lost all the food in the fridge so we’ll get a few necessities to put in the cooler before we head out.

The kids are thoroughly enjoying their vacation in the hotel room too. One of them always seems to be on the window even though it drives Chris crazy!! Everyone loves the snuggling in bed with Mom and Dad and drinking water out of the facet again. And they have done surprisingly well with us leaving for hours on end after not being alone for all our time on the gate.

We are working on our game plan for after the brakes are all fixed up… More to come…


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