Brakes and GO!!

Yesterday we got all our “stuff” done. Yippee!! And had a little fun too!! We went to the Beverage Barn. Neither of us has seen one of these anywhere else, yet. It’s literally a really big barn that you drive through to get the typical convenience store items; soda, chips, candy etc. Very cool beans!! After we drove through we had to stop at the little flea market next door. Just to peak… They had all kinds of little gadgets and do dads, sundresses galore and my favorite hobo purses. While I was picking through the brightly colored dresses Chris found me the perfect new hobo bag!! Hooray!! Now I have two to trade between. He is the sweetest man!! We went to a lovely little diner for a late dinner. Chris had their Chicken Fried Steak (CFS) and I had the hamburger steak with a fabulous baked potato. Everything was scrumptious!! Chris has been missing CFS in the worse way and now he’s had it twice in two different diners. Maybe he’s gotten his fix for awhile…we’ll see…

To Dos DONE!!

Ordered the brake pads and made the appointment with the mechanic – Check!

Gave Big Red a super bath inside and out at the car wash – Check!

Got all the laundry done and folded – Check!

Cleaned up and organized the RV a bit – Check!

Mapped out our route north – Check!

Bought supplies for the RV at the hardware store – Check!

Called Amazon for early arrival – Check!

Took a nice long nap – Double Check!

Today’s agenda is to pick up the brakes and drop Snowball off at the mechanics. Then we’re off to the HEB for some sandwich fixins, drinks and a big block of ice for the old school coleman cooler. Once the brakes are in working order we’re gonna give Snowball a much needed bath. Then we’re filling up the rig and red with gas, checking out of the hotel, loading up the kids and hitting the road!!!

We’ll drive to the first rest stop just outside of San Antonio and re-evaluate. Looks like some serious rain could be coming through today from several different directions so we’re playing it by ear.

More to come on the latest leg of our adventure!! We are ready to go!!



3 thoughts on “Brakes and GO!!

  1. Wow, if they give you grief on last paycheck…… too! That would be real RICH. Do youknow, Is GATE GUARD SERVICES a better company to work for?

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