Adventure Update

We are still in Texas but having a blast!! We met a super groovy couple at the campground yesterday, Rick & Kim, and spent the majority of the day hanging out with them. Played in the pool, had some pizza, took several walks and toured the campground. There’s a lot of history here. A full review with tons of pics is on the way. Just gotta take a break from the fun to put it all together!!

Today we are exploring the Dinosaur Valley State Park. To say Chris is excited might be the understatement of the year!! There are a couple parks to explore, one with a walking trail through over 100 life size dinosaur replicas and the other with fossilized dinosaur tracks. Chris will write the full review on our dinosaur fun. Did I mention he’s excited??

Tomorrow we’re going on a wildlife safari drive!! Now that’s something I’ve always wanted to do!! We’re making a day of it with our new friends. Hopefully squeeze in a little shopping time with Kim. That girl needs some comfy sundresses in this heat!!

Just a short & sweet update… Too much fun to be had!! We’re staying put for a few more days, possibly a week before moving on.

Don’t forget – Everyday is an adventure!! Don’t miss it!!

Until then….


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