The Girl Scouts were Awesome!!

Ok, so I left off at dinner the first night we arrived. Once we got the old girl hooked up and the AC on for the kids we were off back into town for some grub. We asked the security at the campground where the best place in town to get real authentic down south barbeque was. He said the one that’s still open considering the town rolls up the streets at 5pm. Not real helpful but ya know, whatever. So off we go in search of great BBQ and boy o boy did we find it!! The Ranch House Barbeque was out of this world fantabulous!! OMG!! Rocky, the owner, cook and oh so sweet little miss herself waited on us. She was so hospitable and helpful with our menu choices. You see she had to help cuz everything sounded so good and the smells coming out of the kitchen were making me drool on myself!!  Anywho I settled on the pork ribs and spicy sausage plate and Mr got the pork ribs with brisket. We had our food in no time flat; I’m talking like 10 minutes after we ordered!! To a hungry girl that is heavenly!! We barely had time to get our drinks, a nice perk I appreciated cuz we have been drinking like nobody’s business in this heat and we didn’t have to wait on our refills, just got up and got em ourselves!! Our plates were piled high with meat and sides and every last bite was right on the money perfect. I like food, I love to eat, and we love to try new dishes and types of food, so I know a thing or two on good food. This was spot on perfect!! We were chatting with Rocky and complimenting her up and down on the food and atmosphere of the restaurant when she said we ain’t tried nothing until we have her brownie sundae. Now how could we resist?? Just like everything else it was perfect, down to the last crumb!! If you ever have the chance to wander through Glen Rose TX you must do yourself the favor of stopping by and visiting with Rocky!!

 We rolled ourselves back to the RV after that fine meal and crashed in the cold AC.

Yesterday we spent around the campground. We took much needed showers and then unpacked a little in the rig and got ourselves situated for a little while. We had a tour of the campground scheduled for noonish so we had an early lunch of homemade sandwiches before we wandered over to the camp office. Kim, our new friend, gave us the best tour with all kinds of great historical information on the campground and the buildings in it. The majority of the buildings were built by the Girl Scouts in and around 1919 without the use of any modern day machinery. Every stone was dug up and placed by hand. The pool is the oldest still in existence with a 3 foot wide wall made of solid concrete that the Girl Scouts dug out by hand with pick axes and shovels. I know when I was in the girl scouts we didn’t do anything like this!! The whole campground was built by the Girl Scouts as their summer camp back in the early 1900s. The campground has done a lot of work to preserve the original work and is planning on doing even more restoration in the near future. Very very cool stuff!!

A nice view of the river from the campground.

Chris’ latest friend at the playground. Meet Mr. Squirrel on the base of the tree.

Kim, our new friend and tour guide, took this pic of us playing in the river behind the campsite.

Kim got this great pic of Chris river ratting his way back to shore after the previous pic. It’s probably the best shot of how he dances across the rocks. He’s so damn cute!!

Another great view of the river from the campground. I just love the reflection off the water in this one.

There are several of these fireplaces throughout the campground made of petrified wood and stone. They used to be in buildings but the structures burned down over the years leaving only the fireplaces behind completely perfect and intact.

The Girl Scouts also built these barrier stone walls by the river. The wooden fence is still in it’s original state from the early 1900s. See the cardinal on the fence?? In the background is another stone and petrified wood fireplace.

A cute little baby bear was carved into a tree at the playground

This is the Lodge at the campground where they serve meals on the weekends. It was also built by hand by the Girl Scouts in a barrel wood design. This huge building doesn’t require heating or cooling because the extremely high ceilings in the barrel design regulates the heat naturally. Those Girl Scouts were Awesome!!

After spending several hours with the camp staff yapping and chatting away before and after the tour they gave us pizza for our dinner. Yippee!! No cooking for me again!! Once the pizza was tucked in the fridge and some love and attention was given to the kids we headed for the pool. They aren’t used to being alone anymore since we were with them 24/7 on the gate so we gotta give them time to get used to the idea again. We enjoyed the cool 62 degree pool for a bit and then headed back for some pizza and relaxing. The pool is a constant 62 degrees without any heating or cooling because of the insulation of the 3 feet of concrete that surrounds it. Those Girl Scouts sure were smart cookies!!

This morning we got up a bit earlier than usual to get our showers in and get out and about before the heat got to be too much. By the way, I have never been so grateful for a daily shower in all my life. Every day, every single day, I get to shower with hot water in a big beautiful stall and get clean. It’s a wonderful thing that I used to take for granted. Not anymore!! It’s a blessing and I treasure it!! Anywho. Our adventure today was to go to the Dinosaur tracks that are fossilized in the stone at the Dinosaur Valley State Park nearby. It was great fun and very educational for me. Chris is going to do a whole blog on the day trip so stay tuned, it should be a doozy!! After our fun at the state park we headed back into town for some Subway, the grocery and then back home to the RV Park to cool off with another amazing swim. It was super hot today and that 62 degree water was absolutely perfect!! We couldn’t believe we had the whole pool to ourselves!! It was nice, we got to play, relax and flirt all we wanted with no one watching!! Our fun was cut short when Chris noticed how my golden tan was starting to look pink again. Dang it!! It’s real easy to forget the power of the sun in that cool water!! And now, here we sit, relaxing with the kids, enjoying the AC, me on the laptop returning emails and blogging and Chris reading his latest comic book. Such a wonderful day, full of activity, site seeing and adventure!! Tomorrow we are going to the drive through safari with our new friends and doing some chores too, laundry still has to be done amongst all this fun too… Dang it!!

One last picture… Gotta include Fort Dickie in all the fun!!

Hope ya’ll are having a great Adventure!!

Madcap Out!!


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