Dino Day!

Finally have time to post from the past few days.  We have been super busy lounging…..

My grandfather once told me: “I have been so busy being retired, I don’t know how how I ever had time to work.”

I just laughed, thinking it was a joke, but I now see how true those words are.

Anyway, we got to take some time to check out the local sights, mainly the dinosaur trails from this area.  I have never really been one of those kids that could write a Wikipedia on dinosaurs, but it was still fun and interesting.

We first stopped by some park called Dino World… A little more commercial and a bit expensive at $14 per person…  Very kid oriented….  It was like walking through the section in the encyclopedia for dinosaurs.  A trail in a man made park, a little less than a mile long, with “life sized” statues of all sorts of dinosaurs.  Every time you get to a group of different ones, there was a plaque of who and what they were.  Mildly interesting…  What was kind of neat there was they sell real fossils and cast of some rarer ones.  A must for any decor.  The other neat thing about the park was that they had a “Fossil Dig” spot, where you can sift through the area and you get to keep 3 of the pieces that you find.  We were a little skeptical about this when you find out that the kids can do it for free, but the adults have to pay.  Weird, but OK.  We paid our 2 bucks to do the dig thing, then right after the girl tells us it is a sham, meaning that they toss in shells and shark teeth for the kiddies to take home, and that there wasn’t anything really neat to get.  Well, we already paid and figured we would wait till the next “Dig time” to play anyway.  We didn’t actually go, because I guess it is a schedule event for the locals and tourists, about 5 mins before it started, SWARMS of little people came in.  I mean between 30 and 50 all lining up to dig for 10 mins in this 20×20 sand box with fake fossils in it.  At that point we were kind of disappointed and moved on to the next site…

Dinosaur Valley State Park:

Apparently this is some special spot in Texas where all the dinosaur footprints near the riverbed have been fossilized into the bedrock.  Not only have they been wonderfully preserved throughout the test of time, but the test of man to.  These things are really something special, very rarely can you still find something so undisturbed that still has access to everyone.  What I mean is, nothing is encased in glass or roped off, or some rent-a-cop telling you not to touch anything.  NO-NO, these are open.  On the riverbed, in the open, unguarded, and if you can believe it, not been vandalized!  We were able to literally walk in the footsteps of creatures that have been extinct for over 45 MILLION years.  Too bad there weren’t much for river-ratting, I guess they stuck to shorelines…  Anyway we grabbed a few cool stones the looked different to bring home.  Well some days it pays to look where you leap, 2 of them were geodes!!!  All of this for literally 1/2 the price of Dino World, $7 bucks per person for an all day pass…

So after a few hours of exploring in the 100+ degree sun, we called it a day, went back to the pool for a cool off swim and then grabbed a hammer to open our new rocks…  Got 1 really neat one to0!
And lastly but not least, here are a few pics of the beautiful river we were ratting on.

Well that’s all I got for everyone this time, Lets see where we land next….


3 thoughts on “Dino Day!

  1. Dinosaur State Park. Sounds like a wonderful experience. We are there with you guys. Reminds me of some of our adventures we used to do. Fun.

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