Our Love Affair with LIFE!!

What a beautiful morning!! I love my mornings. Quiet. Cool. I watched the sunrise this morning for the first time since leaving the gate. It was gorgeous. You’ll have to take my word on it though, didn’t want to go in to get the camera and miss any of it. I turned the AC off for a bit to really enjoy my quiet time. The sun is shining, the birds are singing… Ahhhh… The kids like it best in the mornings too. It’s actually cool enough for them to enjoy the sunbeams by stretching out on the dashboard. Very funny to see too. So I sit here, sipping my coffee, chatting with my dear friend on facebook, watching Chris sleep and updating the blog. I think I’m having a love affair with life!! This it too good!! Everyone should try it!!

We hung out most of the day at the campground yesterday recouping from our fun at Dino Days and all the sun we took in while playing. With it being 106 degrees outside again the 2 hour drive through the safari wasn’t a good idea. You’re just asking for heat stroke at that point. Which is a huge bummer for me…I was so looking forward to seeing the animals. And with the rest of the week holding steady at 106 I think we might just have to skip the safari all together. So we did our laundry, played pool in the adult rec center and then played in the swimming pool. We did go into town a couple of times for grub, it’s just too hot to even think about cooking outside. We went to the Storybook Cafe for a light lunch. I had a huge chef salad that was oh so good, exactly what I have been craving!! Chris had a hot ham and cheese sandwich on a pretzel roll, we’d never heard of a pretzel roll before and now he’s hooked!! The atmosphere was light and amusing and the place was hopping before we left. We went back into town for dinner at the China Wok. Something different and yet familiar. It was good, not out of this world great but good. We watched the Olympics diving while there, probably the only part of the Olympics we’ll see, then it was off for a walk around the town square. They were posting the towns election results on a huge white board while we were in the square. Very interesting!

City Center in Glen Rose TX

This is the statue displayed in honor of the love story between a Texan trader and an Indian girl that evolved and eventually developed this land into the town of Glen Rose TX

This is us in the City Center in front of the star shaped water fountain. The crowd was starting to form for the election results…thus the older fella in the background.

We ended the night with little stroll around the campground to look at the full moon and all the gorgeous stars. Chris showed me all the star consolations and we both marveled at how big the universe is when you stop and be still long enough to notice. We’re pondering on our next move, several job offers to consider, several different locations… We anticipate leaving here today or tomorrow and moving on to the next adventure and hopefully some cooler temps!!

Enjoy the Adventure of Life!!


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