Blissfully Happy!!

We have had a lovely couple days at the campground. With the highs being between 106 and 108 we have been living in the pool, or so it seems. When it’s that hot outside and 58-62 in the pool it’s kinda a no brainer!!

Besides for the pool we have been taking lots of walks and meeting new people, some with our lifestyle and others retired just going out for the summer in their RVs and a few that are just out for a long weekend of fun. We had a lovely evening last night chatting and swimming with our new friends, Kim & Rick. Tonight there was a potluck for the park, they provided the sloppy joes and we all brought sides. I just love a good pot luck!! This one was a little smaller than I was anticipating so as usual I over cooked. I made a big ole batch of guacamole and mango avocado salsa. This batch sure had some kick to it!! I swear they leave all the super hot jalapenos down here and send the milder ones up north!! We brought the left overs to Kim & Rick, not that there was much left. I must admit it was a bit too spicy for me…now that’s saying something!! No one else seemed to mind though. It’s nice to cook for others again. I used the kitchen in the Adult Rec Room to make my goodies. A little bigger counter and running water sure made it a lot easier. I might be doing more cooking in there too. Why not? They have great AC too…seems like another no brainer to me!!

After our big dinner and dropping off the left overs we headed out for a walk. We’ve been trying to scoop out a better spot in the campground with a little more shade. We are beat on with full sun until about 2pm. Today it was 108 outside and the rig got to 96.4. That’s just a little too hot for us and the kids. But we have not found a better spot so we are going into full set up mode. This is the best spot so we’re gonna make it ours tomorrow. Chris is gonna climb up on the roof early to check the AC just to make sure no more dirt got caked in there and no new nests of any kind are forming. While he’s on the roof he is going to put up the hotspot we were using on the gate to see if we can get a signal on our cell phones. They’d only work in the rig but at least it’d be something!! Not being able to talk or text is about killing me!! I miss everyone terribly!! While he is doing all that boy stuff I’m heading into the next big town with a Walmart to do a little shopping and stocking up. Maybe even stop to have a little girl time at the nail salon, we’ll see…

Tomorrow afternoon/evening we are going river ratting in the river behind the campground. We’ve heard rumors that there’s more dinosaur tracks back there so you know we have to go see what we can find!! This weekend is supposed to only be 102 (ONLY 102, it is so wrong to be excited about 102!!) so we are thinking of going to the safari after all. The nice couple we had dinner with tonight went on the safari today and said it was amazing!! The animals aren’t afraid of the cars and come right up to them. They saw all kinds of deer, antelopes, giraffe, zebras and even a rhino!! It took them nearly 2 hours to go through the nearly 10 miles of trails. Can’t wait!! And ya’ll will get to see all the cool pics too!!

Right now we’re sitting here marveling at how luck we are. How blessed. We are grateful for our home, our freedom, our new lifestyle, our new friends and the multiple job opportunities. Chris just said he’s had more job offers in the last 4 months then in his whole life. How many people in the “real world” have to decide which job they want to take?? We have to decide between 4 offers. Four different jobs to employ both of us so I guess that would be like 8 jobs to “normal” people. How is this a bad thing?? I just don’t get the people who look down their noses at us and this life that we’ve chosen for ourselves. We’re happy! No, we’re Blissfully Happy!! Happier than we’ve ever been I think. Life is too long to be miserable!!

So when are you going to start your love affair with life??


2 thoughts on “Blissfully Happy!!

  1. you know the saying “it is not from where you come but where you are going that matters”? Maybe it is where you are that matters…or how, for that matter

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