Sunday again…Really??

We didn’t have to think about what day it was this time, the campground told us. Wow is it busy!! We arrived after 6pm last Saturday so we missed (darn) all the people last weekend. Everything we’ve normally done at the park (play pool in the rec room, play in the swimming pool, watch TV etc), usually all by ourselves, was packed with people (especially little people) and nearly impossible to do and enjoy. *insert sad face* We may have to go on a day trip or overnighter next weekend if we’re still here. We’ll see.

We did go into town to the farmer’s market and I was really disappointed. There were literally 4 pickup trucks selling their few goods out of the bed of the truck. Most were melons but one “stand” had tomatoes, yellow squash, banana peppers, peaches, okra, pickling cucumbers and some kind of peas besides the melons. I bought some cucumbers (6), peaches (3), yellow squash (3) for $7. That seems expensive to me…. So I’m on the hunt for a real farmers market for next weekend!! There’s gotta be one around here!! After the market we went across the street to grab a coffee before heading to the grocery for a few supplies. I’ve been wanting to do kabobs or roasted veges in foil packs again so we grabbed some zucchini, whole mushrooms and a green pepper to add to what we already have from the market and at home. Yummers!! The local grocery is expensive too so we have to go into the next town to do our real supply shopping at good ole Walmart!!

We were starving by the time we got home to unload the groceries so Chris went to work on a couple awesome Shaggy Sandwiches. Of course that’s what Chris, Mr cartoon expert, calls them. For the rest of us the reference is from Scoobie Doo and the sandwiches Shaggy makes with everything from the fridge on em. Anywho. I should have taken a pic of them but I was too hungry to think about it at the time. Mine was a little more Shaggy style than Chris’ but was the best with ham, turkey, swiss, dijon mustard, tomato, avocado and cucumber on a soft deli croissant style roll. It’s making me hungry all over again just writing about it!

We ended up sleeping and hanging out in the rig the majority of the rest of the day. Between everything being so busy and the temps at 106 we were kinda stuck. We actually slept too late to be able to grill outside before it got dark. *insert crying face* Having no lights outside the camper is proving to be problematic. Hopefully we’ll find a solution at the Wally. So we had no choice but to try the Mexican restaurant in Glen Rose called Chachis that we have been hearing rave reviews on. Oh darn…. It was out of this world fantabulous!! We both ate way way too much but it was just soooo good. We had a beef burritos, a chicken enchiladas, tacos and mini (3 chip) nacho with the standard beans and rice. OMG!! Amazing!! Mom, you would have been in Mexican heaven!!! We rolled back to the campground and that was it for me…even though I took 2 good naps I was ready for bed.

We’ve officially been here a whole week now, amazingly. We thought we’d be moving around a lot more and definitely out of Texas!! But we’ve decided to hunker down here until we decide which job to take. It’s a nice campground and has all the amenities we require. The full timers are super friendly and they want us to come work for the company that owns this campground and 10 others like it in the southern states. That’s our 4th and newest job offer. We are still deciding but the job at the campground is sounding very very nice. It’s a year round job that would allow us to work at any and all of their parks with all hours worked paid. And when we’re ready to upgrade the rig there are cabins at each location that we could live in during the transition. A nice perk!! If we decide to get into campground management (at this moment in time I don’t think so) they offer salaries with benefits including health insurance. A nice option to have!! Each job offer has its own pros and cons. We want to make the best decision for us…it just takes time…

Not sure what today will bring. A lot of the traffic from yesterday has gone already but poor Chris woke up with a migraine and is still trying to sleep it off. Usually after one of his migraine pills he’s a little off – foggy, groggy – he calls it his headache hangover. So I’m trying to keep it as cool as possible in here, stay super quiet and leave him be.

Tomorrow we should be back in business with our ATT phone so we’ll be available to chat and text again. Hallelujah!! If you need the number just send us an email.

I’m off to search for a new farmers market.

With much love

Madcap Out


6 thoughts on “Sunday again…Really??

  1. How cool is that…. 4 job offers, man I can’t wait to be full time. We know now we will be camp hosting next year at a SP – there are 5 host couples and the weekends will be packed but during the week, it mostly emptied out and they have the park all to themselves mostly – that is what we are told. We will do that for three months and then work for three, alternate the work and play. Life is good.

    Enjoy, can’t wait to hear your decision on the job and how it goes which ever you choose.


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