Job plans revealed!!

After a couple wonderful relaxing weeks off the gate we are making plans for our next upcoming gig. We’ll be packing it up and heading out soon and once again heading north. Our next stop will definitely be the casinos in Oklahoma. After a little too much to drink and some laughs there we’ll be headed back to work. *insert sad face* But it’s a necessary evil at some point I suppose. For a little while at least….

We’ll be heading to Coffeyville Kansas to work at the Amazon warehouse starting Aug 27th right up to Christmas. Some of the details we know so far –

Amazon provides a free campsite with full amenities. The campground we’ve chosen is Big Chief RV Park. They have a shower house and laundry on site as well as good internet for a small fee. This is also the closest campground to Amazon, literally across the street, so our “commute” will be cake. And we can receive our mail forwards and packages at the campground too! Sweet!!

We’ll both be working the same shifts and the same job with the same days off. Our schedule will be four ten-hour days with 3 consecutive days off until the overtime kicks in after Thanksgiving. After that its a mandatory 50 hour week with additional overtime available – all you can eat. Still waiting to hear if we’ll be on the day or night shift but it’s sounding like we’ll be on nights.

We’ll get a nice discount on all things from Amazon!! Nice perk around Christmas time!!

No need for a gym membership!! We’ll be working out at work for free!! Our job will be as “pickers”. We’ll be walking the warehouse picking each item for each order and putting them in a tub to be shipped. That means we’ll be walking 10-15 miles a day, climbing stairs with some squatting and lifting too. How much do people pay a personal trainer to work out that hard 4X a week?? Score!!

Our to be expected weather conditions are milder than our last Illinois winter –

August high 91 low 68

September high 83 low 59

October high 72 low 47

November high 59 low 35 (2.5 inches of rain/snow possible)

December high 46 low 25 (2.4 inches of snow possible)

More info to come as we decide when to start our trek north. Lots of good adventures to come!!

Madcap Out!!


7 thoughts on “Job plans revealed!!

  1. Real cool beans,,,,
    We are going to Campbelsville KY. Start either 9/24 or the following Monday.

    Eager to hear about yourfirst couple weeks…..

    After KY, thinking about trying to get a camp host gig somewhere close to. The Gulf.

    This will be a great life. You guys are so lucky.


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