Gate Guarding Info Censured.

How sad… One of the Gate Guarding companies has issued a “Nondisclosure Agreement” to be signed by all their Gate Guards stating that if any info about the job, their location, the pay – basically anything – is released to the public or discussed amongst themselves than their contract will be immediately and permanently terminated. Nice!! Seeing as most of us learned of the job through others blogs, where will people go now for their info?? No one seems to know the reason behind the hush hush of everything all of a sudden but it is causing blogs to be altered and forums ( to be shut down permanently. We weren’t requested to take anything off the blog or required to sign the Nondisclosure Agreement but to protect others that are still actively pursuing this lifestyle we will be taking down the page on the top of the blog labeled Gate Guarding 101 in the near future. If you’re interested in getting into GGing I suggest you read it soon… I suspect all the GG companies have banded together on this censorship bandwagon because the latest post from LOMA for new GGs on the workamper hotline was censured into a short one line job description that didn’t tell you jack about the job at all.

Speaking of LOMA… We were concerned that we’d have issues with our last check seeing as we left under, let’s say strained circumstances. Our paycheck was supposed to be deposited into our account on Monday but they took it upon themselves to send our last check to our mail service instead. We should be receiving our mail forward here at the campground today so we’ll see if the check amount is correct.

Regardless, once we have our mail and our check we’ll be heading to Oklahoma to have some casino fun!! We have reservations for Friday and Saturday night at a casino campground just across the border into Oklahoma. Depending on our luck at the slots we may stay longer since it’s a deal at $20 a night!!

Our campground reservations for Amazon are booked at Big Chief RV Campground and we can arrive as early as we want for a deeply discounted rate of only $15 a night. Amazon is making it even easier this year on the work campers by doing the drug screening piddle tests on site once we arrive instead of us needing to find a LabCorp to go to on our own. Score one for Amazon already!!

Today will be spent getting everything cleaned up and stowed, laundry done, water supply refilled, tanks dumped, cashing our check in town and of course one last swim in that fabulous pool!!

Until Then…

Madcap Out!!


3 thoughts on “Gate Guarding Info Censured.

  1. If you are staying at thw WinStar casino campground, it is very nice! Good luck at the casino! If you are going through Tulsa, OK, there are several casinos in that area, too. The Hard Rock is very nice and right on 44 going out of Tulsa towards Missouri.

    • Our guess is that is has a lot to do with the Dept of Labor lawsuit against a Gate Guard company arguing whether we are employees or independent contractors. The general opinion is that the Gate Guard company will lose and all the companies will be forced to hire guards as employees instead of the independent contractors that they majority are today. I believe there was an article in the Houston paper about the lawsuit recently.
      Love ya

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