Just a quickie update for all of you that worry your pretty little heads when we’re on the road… Rest easy we are staying put for the weekend. A little hiccup in the plan has forced us to honker down for another weekend with all the little people (BOO) and hopefully set sail on Monday. Those slot machines will just have to wait for us a little longer. That’s ok though, they’ll be primed after taking everybody else’s money this weekend!!

I had to go into Fort Worth this morning to get our last paycheck cashed. What was supposed to be a quick little drive to the edge of Fort Worth and back turned into a 3 hour long round trip through the heart of downtown Fort Worth. Ugghhhh. I have NEVER liked driving on one ways…EVER!! I understand the point of em but they frustrate me to no end!! Even with GPWes to guide the way I still got all kinds of turned around in those little streets full of construction. By the time I made it home it was after 1pm and my pleasing personality was a thing of the past!!

After I cooled down and we had some lunch we decided that instead of taking the rig (and poor kids) off the AC during the hottest part of the day we were better off waiting for the weekend rush to be over in Fort Worth and at the casinos and try to amuse ourselves over the weekend here again. I’m on the hunt for a better farmers market, maybe Grandbury has one? And if the temps dip like they’re supposed to then we might venture out for the safari after all. Make the most of it, Right?!?!?

Madcap Out!!



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