Farmers Market….or NOT!!

After my last post I went to work on an awesome (if I do say so myself) dinner of marinated steaks, a huge salad with all the trimmings and then a foil pack full of OMG fabulous peaches!! Chris did an expert job of grilling the steaks while I put the salads together. As for those amazing peaches…it was so incredibly simple it’s ridiculous and I swear it tasted better than candy…all I did was cut the peaches in half, put them cut side up on a piece of foil, sprinkle cinnamon and just a tiny bit of brown sugar on ’em and wrapped them in the foil. Chris put the pack on the grill once the steaks were off and they warmed while we were eating so dessert was ready just as the dinner dishes were being cleared. Perfecto!! They smelled and tasted just like peach cobbler filling that had just been taken out of the oven. I thought the peaches were better than the apples but Chris disagreed. He liked the harder texture of the apples over the super soft of the peaches. Either one is a score in my book. I think pears would be good cooked this way too. Something to watch for at the Farmers Markets…

If we ever find a Farmers Market that is… Grrr… I guess this heat is bad for Farmers Markets too. Double Grrrr…. I went online and found several articles hailing the new Farmers Market at the HEB in Grandbury. I set the GPWes and informed Chris we’re going Saturday morning to this new fantastic Farmers Market I found and that we could get anything else we needed at the HEB before we left. He doesn’t argue with me when there’s a Farmer’s Market to be had, he knows it’s a losing battle… Score one for me!! Anywho… We get to the HEB, correction, the SUPER HEB and tour the parking lot to find NO Farmer’s Market. What?!?! I saw it for myself online, it had to be around somewhere… Oh NO… NOT a Farmer’s Market to be had in all our Grandbury!! It’s unfortunate but true…not everything you read online is true… I know, I couldn’t believe it either… Chris said it’s happened before but but but… Not fair!! Not when it’s about my treasured Farmer’s Market…. Good thing we found the SUPER HEB to save the day or I might have cried real tears over it!! We thought the HEB in Pearsall was something super groovy but this HEB, this SUPER , was out of this world!! It was like the grocery of my dreams meets Costco!! The fresh beautiful produce section was like 3X the size of the Pearsall one. We got some tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, yellow squash, Portobello mushrooms, a cantaloupe and garlic cloves. Yummy stuff!! There were taste testing stations everywhere and they were setting up a salsa tasting contest from the local restaurants. And after we spent our obligatory $100 bill when we went outside where they were having an old-fashioned cowboy shoot out re-enactment in the parking lot. How cool is that?? The hunt for a farmers market continues. Hopefully we’ll have better luck in Oklahoma or Kansas!!

On a side note to any fulltimer considering working for their site as part of their pay – Do the math FIRST!! We were offered positions here at the campground today, one as a part-time cook and the other as a part-time security guard. The cook was a paid (for money) position for about 30 hrs a week for $8/hr. The other position was 24 hrs a week to cover the cost of our site/utilities, no monies paid. Let’s do some math – shall we??

Cook – 30 hrs X $8 = $240/wk X 4 wks = $960/month gross

Security – 24h hrs X $8 = $192/wk X 4 wks = $768/month gross

So instead of making $1728 a month we’d only be making only $960 a month. To pay the monthly lot rent outright is between $350-$550 a month but “working” it off is going to cost you $768 a month or from $218-$418 OVER what you’d pay outright without working.

The math simply doesn’t compute. Doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t add up on the workers behalf that’s for sure!! We’ve had numerous job offers and they have always included a free site/utilities with all hours worked paid. In my opinion there are too many jobs out there with a free site/utilities included to go for one where part of your pay is for your site. To me that’s taking money out of my pocket and I just don’t play like that!! Something to think about….

Madcap Out!!




2 thoughts on “Farmers Market….or NOT!!

  1. About working for your site, you are SOOO right on! The math is ridiculous! People should really sit down and figure that out before committing to those jobs. Ask me how I know. Go ahead. Yep, we did that last summer. Not again. I’ll take gate guarding anyday! Good point for sure Kristy.

    • And when I questioned him on the math not coming out right he just kinda smirked, shrugged his shoulders, said it was up to corporate and laughed it off. You’re the Manager of this park and you have no say?? It’s a corporate thing?? No Thanks!! Count us out!!

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