The Wheels on the Bus…

Yep! We’re officially out of Texas. Not by much but we got to DING DING DING our way across the state line into Oklahoma. Our first time here and we were greeted with a big ole Welcome at the WinStar Casino in Thackerville, OK.

We’re at WinStar’s lovely RV Park with full amenities; potty, shower, shuttles to & from the casino and the use of the neighboring hotel’s indoor pool. All for the low low price of $21.03 a night including tax, but that’s only for the 2nd night because last night was on the house for being our first time here. Pretty sweet deal!! Where else can you spend 2 nights with all these amenities for $10.50 a night?? Kudos to Chris for finding this place!!

After our uneventful drive and once the kids were all settled in at the new spot we were off for the casino, naturally. The nice man who checked us in and set up our player’s cards said this is the 2nd largest casino in the whole world. I thought he was hyping in up since we’re new in town. OH NO!! This place is HUGE!! It’s very clever how they set it up. Each area of the casino has a theme of a different place around the world; Paris, Italy, Beijing, New York, Rome etc. And of course in New York there’s a hot dog stand place, in Beijing there’s glittery dragons hanging from the ceiling, in Paris there’s an Eiffel Tower etc. The “strip” to go around the world is over a mile long. During the early morning hours you could get some serious laps in while the floor is slow!! IF you can stay away from the lure of the machines that is… Before we knew it nearly 3 hours had passed and we needed to hop on a shuttle to check on the babies. The rig had cooled down a lot and everyone was comfortable again. The kids were settled nicely, they’re getting used to this whole travel thing and it doesn’t take them long to snuggle up. It is home after all… We warmed up some left overs for a late supper and then hit the casino again. This time with tequila in tow… No free booze here – WTF!! Chris said it must be an Indian Casino then because that’s the only other place we had to buy our drinks… BOO!!! Oh well, I’ve got the good stuff and they have free soda stands – add em together and you’ve got a party!! Tequila & Mountain Dew – Hell Ya!!

Today’s agenda is full of indoor pool swimming, a hot shower, perhaps a buffet lunch and of course more trips around the world in the casino!! Our luck’s been good, it always is, the BIG WIN is coming today!! I can feel it!!

How much do you think this “weekend” trip would have cost us if we weren’t traveling in our RV??

Round Trip Airfare for 2 – $500

Hotel for 2 nights – $250 weekdays, $360 weekend

All your food – Easily $100 a day from the prices we saw

Drinks – $$$ The sky’s the limit….

Fair to say $1000?? But wait, that doesn’t include any cash to put into the slots…

Our weekend trip –

We both filled up on gas for $150.00 – but we were going to have to do that anyway to get to our next job…and we both still have a half a tank…

RV Park – $21.03  (Bonus – we get to sleep in our own bed with our kids!!)

Some food – We’ll probably splurged on eating at the casino a couple of times – $75

Drinks – Our own booze so maybe $25 total

Our cost = $$271.03

Just an observation…

Enjoy your ADVENTURE!!

Madcap OUT!!



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