Gussied Up – It’s Casino TIME!!

Yesterday was a super fun day!! I let Chris sleep in late… Then we sipped freshly ground Kona coffee in our little clubhouse (home). We wandered down to the very nice (bug free) showers to enjoy their hot water for a while. Once home again I got out the face paint and got all gussied up. Sometimes, just sometimes, I like to get a little slutty with the face paint – really go all out… So I broke out the eyelashes and red lipstick and got all fancied for a day/night at the casino. Add in teased hair and a short dress and Viola – It’s party time!! We had a blast!! Wandering from machine to machine…lost in the sensory overload. Oblivious to the storm brewing outside when we emerged some 5 hours later to check on the kids. We barely made it back to the rig before the sky let loose and wind broke free. A quick check of the radar revealed – yep, you guessed it, we are in the middle of a good storm. Surprise!! So we let the rig rock us to sleep. Nothing wrong with a little nap at 5:30 in the afternoon, right? But seriously the wind was blowing hard enough to literally ROCK the rig. A little disturbing but not enough so to prevent me from blinking to find that 3 hours had passed. And so had the storm…well at least the first one. Revived from our nap we set out to the casino once again…. Surprised? Nah. Chris hit quite the winning streak and the fun just continued. We called it a little early only because we knew we had to get our route mapped out for today and the whole get up early, pack it up and hit the road thing….

While we were searching for our next stopping point and campground for the night tonight another storm rolled through. Not as bad as the one earlier but it rained hard enough that I could hear it on the roof as I was falling asleep. One of my very favorite things about our home!!

We’re headed for Oak Glen RV Park in Chandler Oklahoma. It’s a smaller RV Park on RT 66 with all the amenities we need and at $20 a night, well that just makes it plain ole perfect!! We’ll be hanging out there for the night before we finish our trek tomorrow into Coffeyville Kansas!!

Review of our time here at the WinStar World Casino – The RV Park is FABULOUS!!  Nice, clean, quiet, friendly – 5 STARS!! The Casino is huge!! Every machine you can imagine and some your probably couldn’t!! Very clean and everyone was very friendly. The details they put into the around the world theme was fantastic too!! The slot machines didn’t seem to hit as often as the “real” casinos though. The lack of free drinks stinks even though we figured our way around that. The only real disappointment was the food at the casino. For a casino this size, 2nd largest in the world, they should have better cheaper food!! Would we come back again?? Absolutely!! But we’ll eat at home!!

Cost breakdown –

$150 gas

$50 food

$20 drinks (my bottle of tequila)

$21 RV Park

$100 donation

$341 TOTAL (Even though I still don’t think the gas should count…)

We’ve got our slot machine fix and are ready to get our butts to Kansas to set up for our long stay. Cooler temps are waiting for us there too with  the lower 90s forecasted for the remainder of the week into the weekend. Hallelujah!! Who’d of thunk we’d we so stinkin excited about 90 degrees??

Well, we’re off to start packing it up to head out. I’ll check in later once we land for the day. We’ve got about 3 hours of driving to do but we’ll be heading around Oklahoma City instead of straight through.

Madcap Out!!



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