Kicks on Route 66

We left Chandler Oklahoma yesterday late morning… Seems Chris picked up a nasty stomach flu from the casinos. The consequences thereof delayed our departure. I was all for staying another day while he got it out of his system…so to speak…and let him rest but he wouldn’t hear of it. He was determined to get to goal, Coffeyville, yesterday.

We checked the map, compared it to the GPWes and then went back to the map. Looked like we had two options, the interstate riddled with toll booths (how fun would that be?? having to get over in 5 lanes of traffic in a BUS!! Just to pay 85 cents…) or continue on the famous Route 66 around the outskirts of Tulsa before cutting up into Kansas. Yep, you guessed right!! We drove a good stretch of Route 66 through Oklahoma and loved it. We both prefer to drive on the highways versus the interstate. That way you actually get to see all the little towns, we feel like we’re actually seeing America that way as corny as it may sound. We find the neatest stuff while going down the “back roads” instead of full throttle on the interstate. That’s how we found George W Bush’s hometown after all. I watched all the homes and little towns pass by and wondered what stories they would tell from the glory days of Route 66. It’s a shame that the interstate runs completely parallel to it. There was hardly anyone on it but us and the occasional semi. Made for an easy drive for Chris which was a bonus but made me sad to think this famous road, every high schoolers dream before college – as Chris tells it, was nearly empty and completely run down in some areas. But through my rose-colored glasses I could see it in its glory and I’m glad we saw it, drove it and experienced it, even just for a little while.

We arrived in Coffeyville about 3pm I guess. We had to drive through town to get to the campground so we saw the main strip at least. It just so happens that this is the Rodeo and Interstate Fair weekend here. We saw the Farris Wheel and other carnival games along with all the food booths set up for the big event. Unfortunately when we got to the “Campground” I was not as thrilled. It’s not a campground at all. It’s a rocky, weeded parking lot. Not a single tree to be had for anyone!! And Chris was worried we wouldn’t get a good spot!! Each spot is the exact same!! Besides, the spots are assigned, she has all the Amazonians lining up on one side of the “park”. We’re number 5. We are lucky because we’re close to the bathrooms which will be a blessing when the weather gets colder. Speaking of the showers…the bathhouse is well…somewhere to shit and shower. Nothing fancy, like doors to the potties or showers, some have curtains some do not. The showers have a lever, down for cold – up for hot, no real regulation, and it spits out a pipe angled down at the floor – no shower heads needed I guess. When we wandered down to the bathhouse this morning so I could show Chris what I was complaining about last night. He went into the boy’s side and came out almost immediately. He said both potties were “full”. I asked if he wanted to wait till they were free. He said they weren’t occupied anymore but “full” all the same. YUCK!! I check on the girl’s side, didn’t look like anyone had been in there since I was last night so I was sneaky and let him in. He said the girls was 100% better than the boys. He said his reminded him of the opening scene of the original Saw movie. Yikes!! The laundry is clean and air-conditioned but at $5 a load someone else should be doing my laundry including folding and delivery! Outrageous!! And I was surprised at $2.50 a load at Tres Rios.

I had to run into town this morning to get Chris some sick supplies; crackers, english muffins, pepto, gingerale. Poor baby!! His fever is getting ready to break I think but he still feels like shit warmed over. He’s pale and weak and aches everywhere. I got him to eat a little and drink some and then turned the AC on full blast to the back of the rig and sent him back to bed. The weather here is much cooler, only a high of 90 expected today, with a beautiful breeze all day. I have the windows up front open with the fan going and it’s only 84. We haven’t seen 84 in the middle of the afternoon with the AC going all day in months let alone with the windows open and no AC to the front… Even in the full sun without a single tree…I have to admit… While I was in town I went past the other RV Park I saw while coming through yesterday. I’m afraid it’s worse than this one…didn’t think that was possible but… No shade either and it is a pea gravel parking lot with RVs bunch right up next to each other. I could listen to the neighbors TV from my open window in that place. No thank you!! There’s one other close option that we’ll check out before unpacking for the long haul. But that’ll have to wait until Chris is up for it. Chances are if we can stand the showers here we’ll stay. I guess we are here for work, not play…but still…all part of the adventure, right?!?!

One of the luxuries of our former lives we will have to get while here is our Direct TV!! With nothing to do at the campground and with the internet, that we’re paying for, only allowing one of us on at a time we’ll need to invest in a dish for the rig and get our DVR back to stay sane!!

Send your healing thoughts to Chris!!

Madcap Out


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