Relaxing Saturday

Quiet day here. Chris is on the mend but not feeling himself quite yet. This stupid flu sure is taking a toll on him. We’re both grateful its hitting this week instead of when we start work in 9 days!! 9 DAYS!!!

Have I mentioned I’m afraid of this job?? I’m afraid of the ass kicking it’s gonna give me!! Can I do it?? YES!! Do I want to do it?? YES!! Do I have to do it?? Ummm…YEP!! Am I still afraid?? Hell YES!! Part of it is fear of the unknown. Part of it is knowing that I’m out of shape, overweight and not a young kid anymore. I’ve done the math, if it really is 15 miles of walking in a 10 hour day that’s 1.5 miles an hour. Sounds like a stroll, until you get to hour 4, 5, 6 etc. We’ve been trying to prepare for it, as much as you can for that kind of system shock. We both got our spandex britches to wear under our clothes. No need to add chafing and a rash to the mix. We got up to nearly 5 miles a day of walking before this bug got a hold of Chris. Not to shabby. Oh well, what will be will be. All part of the adventure!! Maybe I’ll come out of this Amazon with a wad of cash and be a skinny Bitch too!! Seeing as if I walk at a pace of 2 miles an hour (30 minute mile) for 10 hours a day then I’ll be burning about 3200 calories – it’s a real possibility!!

We have 2 new Amazonian neighbors here at the park. We met our next door neighbors this morning, Bob and Jan. They start working this coming Monday. Not sure if we’ll be here for the long haul just yet though. I took Chris for a drive into town earlier today, just to get the stink blown off him, and we went through the last campground option. It’s a state park and it just so happens to be the state park connected to the Fair Grounds where the last day of the Carnival & Fair activities are going on. So many people and animals!! We couldn’t tell what was what!! We’re gonna do another tour through on Monday after all that hoopla has cleared out. But what we did see were trees!! And Chris read online that they have a FABULOUS internet connection, the same speeds we had in our sticks & bricks, for the same price we’re paying for the crap here. A definite motivator. Plus it’s in the middle of town, close to everything and anything we could need – a good and a bad thing, and it’s only 3 miles from Amazon so the commute won’t be bad!! Regardless of which campground we settle in for the next 4 months we are going to need an outdoor table. Neither park has picnic tables on the sites like we have had in our last several sites, and seeing as the Coleman Stove kinda needs a heat-resistant area any ole table won’t work. Let the hunt begin!!

The temps have been mercifully cooler here!! The last two days have been cooler in the rig with limited AC usage than the last couple of months running the bugger at full speed at the coolest temp all day long!! We’re relaxing in a cool 80.8 with the windows open and only the AC fan on low. The kids are loving it, running around like hoodlums and then snuggling together for a change. Luckily we got up this far North when we did because they are having one helluva storm along the whole route we just traveled. We’re due to get a little rain, the tail end of the storm, here within the hour. Something to cool things off even more!! I’m lovin it!! With it this cool we can actually enjoy some afternoon coffee for a change!! Imagine that!!

Off to brew some Java Juice!!

New pics to come soon!! Promise!!

Madcap Out



4 thoughts on “Relaxing Saturday

    • Thank you for the encouragement!! I have a feeling I’ll be using the scale as a motivator to keep going!! The ceramic tile idea is fabulous!! Much easy to find tiles than a super special order table.
      Thanks for everything!!

  1. Thanks for that calorie count math. Been thinking of looking that up, now I don’t have to,,,,thanks.

    Found a small table, walmart, plastic top, metal folding legs. Fits in basement easy – only 2″ thick. That and ceramic tile should be a great fix.

  2. Hey I think I’m going to say the same thing Wayne just did but we bought our table just for this specific reason. We bought it at Walmart, it’s called the Coleman Packaway table. The legs come off and it has little handy spots for them on the underneath side of the table that click the legs into place so you can fold the table like a briefcase. I got the statistics online from it it is: 31.5 x 15.75 x 14.5 It costs about $54 dollars. We just put our grill right on it, it never comes off unless we move or something of course. I’ll send you a pic of our table. It’s a durable little thing and we couldn’t have lived this long without it. Good luck and get those legs a goin’ missy! xoxo

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