Staying Put

We’ve decided to stay where we are for our gig at Amazon. Deciding factors –

We’re so close to Amazon now that if the weather does turn bad getting to work won’t be an issue.

We can receive all our mail here for the next 4 months eliminating the need for the mail service.

There are laundry facilities here that we can use even if they are a little more expensive than we’re used too.

We’ll spend less money being out of town than in the middle of town.

We have complete quiet here; no sirens, no loud obnoxious dogs, no trains.

So, this is our new home for the next 4 months. We’re going to start setting up tomorrow. Chris is feeling much better today!! Yippee!! I, on the other hand, feel like crap… Not sure what’s going on… I don’t think it’s the stomach flu that Chris is getting over but not real sure what else it could be. I slept the majority of the day, been up for a total of 4-5 hours… Getting ready to crawl back in now.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better… We’ve got some work to do before the real work begins!!

Until then…



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