Setting up Home

We’re both feeling much better!! Thank Heavens!! Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!! Chris doesn’t get sick often but when he does it’s usually a dosey!! Me on the other hand…I don’t know what my deal was…just glad all the germs have exited the RV!!

Time to get on with the set up!!

First things first we had to run into town to get another hose for the black tank. The dump hole and the plug-in are reversed at this “campground” so our hose wouldn’t reach. A couple of clamps and a new 10 ft hose and we’re in business. Potty is up and running!! I also found my new shit kickers for Amazon at the Wally. Seems we are all set to go now!!

Next I sewed the reflector screens for the windshield together. Took maybe 20 minutes but it saved us between $80-$100, unbelievably that’s the cost of one that’s made to fit a Class A RV. I don’t think so!! I’ll take the time and the piece of thread!! If it wasn’t for a certain little girl named Pinks we wouldn’t need to sew them but she insists on climbing up on the dashboard to grab those morning sunbeams… Not that she’s spoiled or anything…

And then Chris resealed the window on the door and then proceeded to block all possible light from ever coming in again. You may not think a lot of light and heat comes through that little frosted glass window but it does!! Call us red necks if you want but we duck taped a big sheet of black poster board right to the door. No more light or heat!! It actually worked so well we got a couple more sheets, one for the kitchen window and one for the vent in the living room.

Chris also remounted our circulating fan to give us more coverage and to get it out-of-the-way of the TV mounting that will go up tomorrow.

It may sound like I did nothing but I helped!! I swear!! I got the laundry done, $4.00 a load!! Ridiculous!!! I refilled all the water jugs and took the trash to the dumpster!! See?!?! That’s helpful!!

Chris was finally feeling up for a real dinner tonight so we had some super sloppy joes and a little potato salad. Plenty of left overs to put over pasta tomorrow night. Easy breezy!! And for dessert Chris made us some 3-2-1 cake. I think I’ve talked about these fabulous little cakes before but now that we’ve tried them…well…they’re the BESTEST!! Ok, its super simple – Empty one box of Angel food cake mix and one box of your favorite flavor of cake mix together in a gallon baggie. Mix it up real good. Put 3 Tablespoons of cake mix in a coffee cup, add 2 Tablespoons of water and microwave for 1 minute. Viola!! Cake!!

3-2-1 Cake. Just a little taste of something sweet!

So I promised pics…here ya go!!

Amazon entrance. I took this pic from the “campground”. That’s how close we are!!

That my friends is the Amazon warehouse in all her glory… The source of my fears…

This is the beginning of the Amazonian camp. See us?? Chris is setting up the potty outside…

There’s Big Red outside the laundry/bath house, next door to the office… Impressive huh?!?!

And a pretty picture from our drive through Oklahoma.

Tomorrow the plan is to get more of the set up done. We’ve got a couple more windows to tint & put up our new posterboard, Chris needs to get the TV and desktop computer set up, we need to dig out our “good” clothes for work, the kitchen needs to be set up, the outside needs to be set up and absolutely everything needs to be cleaned top to bottom. Not much…just a little here and there… Ha!

Off to see the sheep as my good friend says…

Madcap Out



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