Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff !!

We had an interesting day… Didn’t go anything like planned but, whatever, no sweat.

We woke up late. Leisurely drank our coffee and checked email and such. Not unlike most mornings lately. When I went on Yahoo to check my email one of their stories caught my eye. The headline was for jobs with more vacation time than most. The average American gets 11 days of vacation time a year. Really?? I thought back to the old life and it’s not that far off. But if you read their article it’ll tell you what job field to get into to get a whole extra week of time off a year. Going from 2 weeks and a day to three weeks and a day seems like a good deal. I didn’t pursue the article any further to see what these wonderful jobs were but if you’re interested I’m sure it’s still hanging out on their main page.  Our fulltime lifestyle gives us way more time off than any conventional job so we had our little chuckle and I went back to my email.

About 9am I figured I’d give our contact at Amazon a buzz, let him know we’re settling in across the street and inquire about our shift and the Meet and Greet on Sunday. Just a general check in with the hopes of getting a few questions answered. He welcomed us to the area…then told me he’d call right back once he had checked on the status of our background checks. Within minutes he called back and said they were having some issues with the old background check forms being illegible after going through the scanner. He asked if we’d mind coming across the street for a little orientation and to fill out the new and improved background paperwork. Not a problem at all!! Seeing as it’ll speed up the background checks which we can’t begin working until they’re done and we both have been itching to get a look inside I told him we’d be there within the hour. Good thing I called!! Fingers and toes crossed that the background checks go through quickly or our 5 weeks off will turn into 6 weeks while they finish them up. But he said regardless of when we actually start they will pick up the tab at the campground starting Friday as planned to help compensate what we’ll be out from missing the weeks work. A very nice gesture that we appreciate greatly!!

So, this warehouse is like nothing we’ve ever seen before in our lives. It’s amazing. It’s like walking through a huge piece of machinery and seeing all the moving parts sway in perfect harmony. Everything has its place and everything is in its place. The security reminded me of an international airport, very tight and controlled. They are very safety orientated and have EMTs and Nurses in-house 24/7 just in case of an accident or emergency. They have lots of extras for their employees like complimentary drinks in all of the break rooms, free lunches/dinners several times a week and ear phones/buds for music while you work. For the workampers they have some extra fun stuff. We’ll be having an old school sock hop, several pizza parties throughout the season and of course our workamper T-shirts with survival T-shirts given out at the end of our assignment. We were both very impressed with Amazon.

We are waiting on a call from Paul, our contact, to let us know when the background checks come through to finalize if this Monday or next is our official start date. We’ll be going to this Sunday’s Meet and Greet to finish up the rest of the administrative gunk and get the remainder of our questions answered, but I think they’ll all be address in the informational briefing. We’ll get our pictures taken for our ID badges, Chris’ first ever!! His first taste of corporate America, how exciting!! We did get our choice of shifts so we’ll both be on the night shift. I’m starting to acclimate myself to staying up all night now to make the transition a little easier on myself. Chris on the other hand could start tomorrow on nights with no problem.

So that’s the update and skinny on Amazon thus far. We’ll keep ya’ll updated…no worries.

Since our day got way off track and it’s really heated up here again we tried to stay cool at home. I tried to nap unsuccessfully, just too hot. I did get to chat with my beautiful Mother-In-Law for a bit. Always nice to chat with Miss Yolanda!!  Yolanda and Dad were out exploring the National Zoo. They’re always finding an adventure where ever life leads them. All our love and kisses Yolanda!!

So now it’s dinner time… I said yesterday how easy breezy dinner would be tonight seeing as all I had to do was make a pot of pasta to mix the leftover sloppy joes in. Maybe I jinxed myself… For the life of us we couldn’t get the water to boil… Really?? Our hot plate gets pretty darn hot but not enough to boil a small pot of water?? We waited so long that we actually evaporated enough water out of the pot to have to add more and virtually start over!! I don’t freakin get it!! It’s boiled water before…it’s cooked rice too… We ended up pouring the pasta in and crossing our fingers. Guess what?? That’s when it started to boil!! Grrr. In the meantime I figured we’d have our salad while we waited patiently for our pasta to decide what it was going to do. Much to my amazement our lettuce was partially frozen, in the fridge!! Really?? I could feel a moment coming on… Chris set me down. Reminded me to breathe and said “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and in this place it’s all small stuff.”  How can you not laugh at that?? And marvel at how true and insightful it is. So what if we don’t start work this Monday…so what if it takes an hour and a half to get water to boil…so what if the lettuce is truly iceberg…so what if our “campground” is really a gravel parking lot…so what… Does any of it really matter in the grand scheme of life?? Is it worth freakin out over?? Stressing?? Worrying?? Nah. Whatever…. Are we happy? Yep. Are we healthy? Yep. Kids happy & healthy? Yep. Roof over our heads? Yep. Food in our bellies? Yep. Clothes on our backs? Yep. Sounds good to me then.

Don’t sweat the small stuff!! And regardless of where you are – It’s ALL small stuff!!

Enjoy your adventure!!

With much love!!

Madcap Out



One thought on “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff !!

  1. Hi Kristy,
    I got a big kick out of your blog today and had to share parts of it with Bob. I loved your “ice”berg lettuce.

    You get way more perks in Kentucky at Amazon than we ever got in Fernley. I hope you appreciate them.

    Tomorrow we start heading back to San Antonio from Mt. Rushmore. We’ll make stops in Scottsbluff, North Platte and Kearney, Nebraska, then we’ll head on down through Kansas to Wichita Falls, Texas, where we’ll visit friends from rally.

    Love reading about your adventures.


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