Busy little Bees

Today was cloudy, gray and rainy. The perfect day to hunker down and get some of our honey’s do done!!

Chris finished up the tint on our big window now we’re in total stealth mode. I can see you but you can’t see me!! While he was busy pulling out the table and moving everything around up front to do the tint I headed to the bedroom and dug out all our “winter” and “good” clothes to be added to the mix. I think I’m getting better at organizing cuz I found a bunch of room in our cabinets in the bedroom even with adding more clothes to em. Sweet!! Now we’re ready for the colder weather and have decent stuff to wear to work. Seeing as sundresses aren’t allowed this was a must and now it’s done. Yippee!! While Chris was digging around in the front he decided to get the passenger chair turned around to face in to give us a bit more elbow room. It helped a ton!! I reorganized the bathroom so we’d have no problem finding our goods to get ready for work. Also gave her a good scrub down while I was at it. Nothing like a clean potty!! By the way, if you’ve never cleaned an RV potty – it’s harder to clean than any other “real” toilet on the planet!! For one it’s all plastic so you can’t scrub too hard, it could break. Next, there are so many little creases and lips and joints to get between and around. It could be a total nightmare if you let it go for too long. It’s not fun at all doing it on a regular basis but I’ll do it… I guess. Chris also got the black poster board up in the kitchen window, no light sneaking in through there anymore. It is turning into quite the little cave. Chris is so sad about it too… Yeah right! He’s happiest in the dark like a little troll. But all I have to do is pull back the curtains and light cascades in. Ahhhhh.

This morning I worked on our budget for this fall with our Amazon income. We want to save as many pennies as possible to make our next move the first of the year. I also wanted to post our expenses so others could see what it costs us to be on the road fulltime and the kind of money you can make out here. Here’s the breakdown so far.

Monthly Expenses:

Car & RV Insurance – $37

Cell Phone – $25

Internet (through the campground) – $40

Storage Unit – $125

Gas – $30 (Cost while working only. This is much higher when traveling. We budget a dollar a mile when on the road. This covers gas for the RV & car, camping fees and food. This is always an over-estimate but we prefer the cushion)

Smokes – $100

Food/Supplies – $300

TOTAL – $657

Monthly Income with Amazon:

$11.00 hr X 40 hrs wk = $440 X 2 (one for each of us) = $880 – 20% taxes = $704 take home X 4wks = $2816/mo

After Thanksgiving the overtime starts coming in which will increase our monthly income dramatically. But I’d rather wait to see how many hours we get and when we start getting them before putting any numbers to it. And don’t forget about the bonus at the end of the season!! We each get a $1.00 for every hour we worked. We anticipate working 710 hours each making our bonus approx $1420. We’ll update our monthly expenses/income at the end of every month to show how our spending compares to the budget.

Tomorrow morning is the Farmers Market in Coffeyville. Our first time…I’ve got my fingers crossed it’s a good one!! We’re gonna be there bright and early, rain or shine, to get some fresh veggies and then hit the little grocery in town for anything they didn’t have on the list. It’s supposed to rain off and on here through Monday so a lot of our cooking will have to be done inside. Grrr. I’m itching to marinade and grill up these portabella mushrooms I have. They’re just gonna have to wait a bit I guess. After our shopping it’s back to the honey do list. Chris still has his computer and other electronic “stuff” to set up and I have a pantry to reorganize and a huge closet to figure out what to do with. The outside stuff will have to wait until the weather clears up unfortunately. Lots of pics to come on our set up and reorganization.

Quick Amazon update – We haven’t heard from Paul at Amazon yet regarding our background checks so we’re “assuming” we aren’t starting this coming Monday. We’re going to the Meet & Greet Sunday so we could get word then that we’re a go, we’ll just have to wait and see. One thing we do need to let them know on Sunday is if we want the “Donut” schedule or regular. The Donut schedule is work Mon & Tues, Wed off, work Thurs & Fri, Sat & Sun off. The regular schedule is either Mon-Thurs or Tues-Friday. If any of our family or friends have any inkling that they want to visit us while we’re here the Donut schedule won’t work and we need to know…. Sorry for the short notice… Send us an email to let us know!! We’d love to have visitors and there are several lovely hotels in town just minutes from us here at the “campground”. Just sayin…

Last but certainly not least – HAPPY   BIRTHDAY   AUNT   JUDY  !!!!!!!!!!!!  Lots of Love and Hugs & Kisses!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you!!!!!!!!!

Off to curl up on the couch with Mr and watch movies and drink Pina Coladas!!

Hope you’re enjoying your adventure!!

With Much Love

Madcap Out



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