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Here we are this morning all prettied up and ready for the Meet & Greet at Amazon. We’ve been busy playing beauty parlor the last couple days to get ready for work. Chris was in desperate need of a hair cute and my roots…well let’s just say I was getting that trashy look. So I went to my favorite beautician, Christoph, and he worked his magic. Viola!! Platinum blonde with a bunch of new layers. (Christoph is Mr…just in case you missed that. He’s been dyeing and bleaching my hair for years. Recently he started cutting my ends too but he leaves the layering up to me) Since we were going out to mingle I thought I’d dig out the ole curling iron that hasn’t been plugged in once in over 3 months now and give it a spin. Not bad!! I think the platinum really shows off my tan nicely. Plus I wanted a good before pic cuz once we start walking all the miles I think there’s gonna be a nice change in yours truly!!

The Meet & Greet at Amazon was refreshing. It’s always nice to chat with others like us, hear their stories and of course you learn the most from the people who have been there, done that. We always hear about the most interesting places!! More and more cities, sites and attractions go on “Our List” all the time just from talking to people. Today we learned about the Tabasco Factory on Avery Island in Louisiana. Apparently you can tour the factory and they have everything in tabasco flavor including ice cream!! There’s also a Jungle Garden and Bird City on the Island to enjoy. Sounds like a keeper – on “The List” it goes!! After chatting about Avery Island the chitty chitty turned to Gate Guarding. Everyone was so curious about what it’s like and the wildlife. Chris was the star of the show with his story telling about the roadrunners and armadillos. The business of the meeting was mostly about the delay that everyone is experiencing with the background checks. No one is thrilled with the delay in starting work, some more vocal about it than others, but I have to hand it to Paul, he handled it all very very well and kept the good vibe going throughout the meeting. We did get some fun statistics about the warehouse we’ll be working in and the history of how they came to start hiring workampers for the season rush. The Coffeyville warehouse is the 3rd largest out of over 150 nationwide that Amazon has. The massive structure is a smidge over 1.1 million square feet with the main walking path is nearly 6 miles long. There are also more than 27 miles of conveyor belts running throughout the warehouse. Those conveyor belts are everywhere!! Years and years ago Amazon used to bus in temporary help for the season, sometimes up to a couple of hours away. And sometimes they would get some, well, unsavory characters along the way. The last season they bused in workers they lost over $600,000 worth of merchandise out the door. After that disaster they started researching alternatives for the next Christmas season. In their research, not much different from ours, they stumbled across the Sugar Beat Harvest and Adventureland and found this little thing called workamping. The following year they hired workampers and it has grown into the Camper Force. Coffeyville alone has hired 413 workampers for this season alone with many returning year after year. In our little meeting of 15 or so workampers over half were returning for their 2nd up to 5th season with Amazon. Good stuff!! With any luck we’ll be starting the middle of this week, worst case scenario we should be starting next Monday. Our background checks are at the “nearly done” status so anytime now we should be good to go!!

We’ve had a lot of rain this weekend so we’ve been busy on the honey do list. We’ve got everything done inside but the big closet. The only option is to gut it at this point and start over. Once it dries out we’ll do some touch ups outside and get pics posted. I promise the Red Neck black poster board isn’t as bad as it sounds!! We got the grocery shopping done yesterday between rain clouds. There’s a small Save a Lot grocery in town that’s a sack your own groceries kinda store. They had some great bargains! We did the majority of our shopping there and only had to pick up a few items at the Wally. We were able to get 2 weeks worth of groceries & supplies for $70. Score!! We’re tightening our belts due to the extra unexpected time before our first paycheck and those bargains sure did make it easier!! Once we have a solid start date we’ll have to go back and get some lunch stuff but besides that we’re good to go!!

Well I’m off in search of some fun stuff to see and do in the area since we have a little more play time. We know there’s a museum in town that we have to check out but I’m hoping to find Chris some river ratting areas in the creek not far from the state park campground. Should be fun with all the rain we just got!!

Hoping you’re enjoying your adventure!!

With much love




6 thoughts on “Meet & Greet

  1. I’m great at snipping away at my hair…done the color thing too. Once I swiped too much off Jerry so he is settling in slowly to letting me cut his on the road…told him there is always the long braid route :O) Just realized you are doing the Amazon thing…my hubbie can’t stand for long times…I could do just about anything. Hummmmm like to learn more about this. Might be be our first gig. See many are doing it…do you follow She’s headed to an Amazon gig…

    • Becky has a fabulous blog on all the specifics about Amazon. Just the info I was looking for when we were researching it initially. But it’s always best to have first hand accounts of what it’s really like. Between Becky and us you’ll have more than enough info to make the best decision for you!! Happy to share!! Thanks for recommending her blog!! It’s full of amazing details of every aspect of RVing. I LOVE it!!

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