My Love Letter to You


Here I sit, alone, in the dark, listening to the rain beat the roof of the RV while I sip my morning mocha coffee and write to you. I write to you almost daily. I think about what I’m going to write and tell you all the time. Everything I see, feel, think about, do, contemplate, love, fear, desire, want and wish for – all shared with you, here. This is an invitation to share my life and a window into my world. I want to tell you how happy we are, how much we love living on the road, how many great opportunities we have to explore, the great people we meet, the wonderful things we see and all the fun we’re having on our adventure. Sometimes though, I just want to know you hear me.

This is my love letter to you, my deepest desires and my worst fears in print. For you. I love you and I want you actively in my world. Is there room for me in yours?


** I wrote this awhile ago. It’s been sitting in my drafts because I was afraid to publish it. I didn’t want to offend anyone, to worry anyone or to put myself out there so completely. I also felt like it needed, deserved, an explanation. At the moment the hurt was too raw to put it into words though. I’ve had time to stew on it and swish it around in my head and now I think, hope, I have a better grasp on it.

My wonderful, insightful friend Linda said, “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened at all.” I am working to put those words of truth in place in my life. Mainly in regards to the relationships, friendships, bonds we’ve made and treasured along our journeys. We’ve lived lots of places, made lots of friends, we have family spread out across the states and now we have internet friends that we love and care for deeply even though we’ve never met. But sometimes, ok frankly a lot of times, when you put distance or time between you or your situations or living conditions become different, it’s over. The friendship dwindles and over time it’s only a memory. A good memory but just a memory all the same. I’ve been stuck in the “sad that it’s over” stage. I’ve been mourning the loss. There are some great people from my past that I love and adore completely but they no longer have room for me. That is OK. I realize and embrace that now. I treasure the time we had, the memories I get to keep always and I’m happy it happened at all. For those of you with room left – I will continue to write my love letters to you and treasure our time together, however long that may be!

With much love!!





7 thoughts on “My Love Letter to You

  1. Madcap, what a beautiful, moving blog post. It really resonated with me. I deeply mourn friendships lost in the mists of time and circumstance, but am so grateful for the new ones I’ve met, especially while out camping. And being able to share with our blog readers is such a sweet gift.

    Thanks so much for sharing your life with us. I love vicariously fulltiming with you. 🙂

    • It’s comforting to know we aren’t the only ones losing friends on this amazing adventure. It’s a side effect that I didn’t see coming… But like so many other things with life on the road, you adapt and overcome. We’re so thrilled to have you along for the ride!!

  2. I think we all lose friends along the highway of life. Perspectives change, life gets busy, sadly sometimes you just sort of fall out of sync. but all friendships are a treasure short, long, or just occasional. You said it so well.
    I love reading your thoughts every day. I like your adventures; it is a joy. A little peek into a life I would enjoy but hubby wouldn’t:)

  3. Thank you. We love you and your blog too. I’m happy we had the chance to meet at DQ in Cotulla, unhappy we didn’t get to talk to each other much.

    I’m loving the blog ‘cuz it feels like we’re “talking.” Keep ’em coming.

    We’re interested to hear how your experience at in Kansas differs from our experience in Fernly, NV last year.

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