Coffeyville Kansas Explored

We had a rough nights sleep last night. I had a horrible kicking fit (restless leg syndrome) and it seemed to take forever for the medicine to kick in. (pun intended. LOL) Taking a double dose of the medicine makes me so groggy in the morning. I finally could open my eyes all the way about 9am. Needless to say Chris doesn’t sleep well when I have one of these episodes either. Didn’t bother him too much in the old life in the King Size bed but in the little Full nothing goes unnoticed. It takes a long time for the fogginess to wear off but after a couple big cups of coffee I was able to function again. We took our sweet time getting ready and finally got back from the showers around noon. After a little left over warm up for lunch we finished getting ready and headed to town. My hope was if I got out and shook my booty a bit I might have a better night tonight. It seems the more I walk the less frequently these blasted episodes happen. Which is good news for me and the Amazon gig!!

Last night I looked up some fun stuff to do in the area. We figured with Kansas being the museum capital we’d find some interesting stuff close by. In Coffeyville there’s the Defenders Museum and an Aviation Heritage Museum.

After a little drive in the country we found the Aviation Museum next to a lovely park/playground and the Aquatic Center, which is just their fancy way of saying the swimming pool. It’s a very cool pool too, 2 water slides, 2 high dives and a separate area for competition style laps. The problem was it was all closed. The pool due to the weather recently and lack of attendance. That was kinda understandable with school starting up again. They will be open this weekend for Labor Day but that’s the last hoorah for the season. But the Aviation Museum is always closed!! Really? Well that just stinks!! But we did get to see the cool plane outside from the end of WWII. Chris was familiar with this style of “rocket” plane from a documentary he watched on the Bermuda Triangle. Go figure!!

So we headed back across town to the other museum. The Dalton Defenders Museum is in the downtown area of Coffeyville and is open daily. What a concept!! Anywho, we went through the museum dedicated to the citizens that gave their lives protecting the little town from the Dalton brothers Gang that were robbing both the towns banks at once back in 1892. The story is legend around here. It’s everywhere! They even have the Defenders Inn in town. We watched a 45 minute documentary about the gunfight in the middle of downtown from the Discovery channel. Very interesting…and long… Glad we went through it though.

We also got tickets for the Brown Mansion in the middle of town for another day. There are several tours of the restored mansion 5 days a week. We’ll be checking it out later in the week. Something for both of us to look forward too!! After that…well Coffeyville is about tapped out. In my searching online last night I found a great website that lead us to several attractions for us to go visit while we’re hanging out here. With 3 day weekends every week it gives us enough time to go somewhere for the weekend and that is just exactly what we plan on doing!! We’re debating on where our first long weekend will be…it’s either Topeka or Louisburg. Topeka has a ton of sites including a huge Zoo and probably more museums than we can count but Louisburg has Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory and Sanctuary, a large cat refuge that houses lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards and several wolves now. We’ll see where the wind takes us on that one!! We also found the worlds biggest ball of twine is right here in Cawker City Kansas weighing in at over 9 tons now. Something everyone should see in their lifetime right?? Bonner Springs Kansas is also on the list for their Renaissance Festival and Glass Blowing demonstrations. It’s a great website, check it out and let us know what fun stuff you find for us to go and explore!!

I’m full from a wonderful supper of grilled Portobello Mushrooms and a foil pack of zucchini, yellow squash, onion, whole mushrooms and green peppers. And I’m exhausted after the lack of sleep and our adventure today in Coffeyville so I’m off to bed. Before 10pm even – unheard of – but when the sheep call…

With much love




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