New Attitude and Outlook?

OK, I’m getting bored… I’m ready to do something…go to work…anything at this point. All my honey dos are now done. Big closet is cleaned out and reorganized, kitchen is clean again and reorganized, laundry is done and clothes have been reorganized, bathroom is clean and further organized, blog is spiffed up with a new theme, a new page “Our List” (top of blog) and a current pic of us was added along with our travel map of our great adventure in married life, all the water jugs are filled and the trash has been taken out… I’m out of busy work for tomorrow. Chris says I’m only bored cuz I’m tired of waiting. Very possibly true. Patience has never been my strong suit. What I find very interesting about my boredom is when we lived in a sticks and bricks I was soooo lazy. I could curl up on the couch for the whole weekend with my laptop and only move to pee and eat. LAZY!! Now I get on my laptop for a little while but am soon bored and want to do something. Is it this lifestyle? More active? Is it the smaller space? Is it the lack of TV? I think it’s a change in attitude. I want to go and do everything, to see everything. I don’t want to miss a thing!! Chris is taking me to the Brown Mansion tomorrow and then if we can stand the heat we’re gonna go play in the river and hopefully find some good river ratting. That should fill my need for adventure!! For tomorrow at least…

We’ve watched lots of movies since getting here too –

We Bought a Zoo – Matt Damon was fabulous in this!! LOVED IT!!

Forest Gump – I’d never seen it before and LOVED IT!!

Foolproof – This is an older one of Ryan Reynolds and was very cute – LOVED IT!!

Green Lantern – Since we just watched Foolproof might as well have a Ryan Reynolds athon – One of my FAVORITE comic book movies EVER!!

Reservoir Dogs – Oldie. It was OK. Not my fav.

Mirrors – Kieffer Sutherland was great in this horror movie. But I like him…

Safe – New Jason Stathom (the sexiest man alive besides Chris) – LOVED IT!!

Avengers – What’s just one more comic book movie?? This is good, not my fav though… Not big on Iron Man…

That’s a lot of movies in a few days!! Especially since we can only watch them in the evening after it’s cool enough to turn that big heat-producing monitor/TV on!!

I went on to see what I could find to use our discount on and when I started typing Amazon in the search it brought me to the Amazon Camperforce Ad for our jobs. It has some great pictures in it and the full job descriptions. I though you might be interested in taking a peek.

I did find a couple outdoor camping tables that were specifically labeled as heat-resistant and a couple nice canopies for outside. Still need to look for a big area rug for outside the front door and Chris has a couple spiffy cameras he has his eye on. Might be harder than we thought to bank all that cash with an Amazon discount burning a hole in our pockets!!

Well, I’m calling it a night… I did stay busy most of the day and I’m wiped. Besides, I don’t have anything else to do now… LOL

Don’t forget to check out the new page!! “Our List” is like our bucket list. Full of fun stuff and lots of pics!!

With much love






6 thoughts on “New Attitude and Outlook?

  1. Oh oh a new blog to follow. Enjoying so far…lots to read back on. Found you on Tinycamper…
    Got to get out and about…I feel the same way stuck in my sticks and bricks place. Next year I’ll be free! ~cozygirl

      • Next year….downsizing now and next Spring house goes on the market. Husband retired…I get to follow suit next year…well not really retiring. I’ll probably workkamp, etc. The more we read these blogs it makes us crazy to leave…”too bad we can’t take off today!!” :O)

      • We had to move up our date because the excitement got to be too much!! I sooo understand. Wait till you’re ready and the transition will be so much smoother!! Till then – Let the countdown begin!!

  2. Loved the inside look at where my way-too-many Amazon orders come from! šŸ™‚

    Do an Amazon search for Reversible Patio Mat. I’d put the link, but it might put my comment in your spam folder. I got the 9 x 12 brown and beige one and love it.

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