Laugh with Us

I’m a funny gal. No really we’re a funny duo! We make each other laugh…we laugh with each other…we laugh at each other…but most importantly we laugh at ourselves!! I think laughter is the best medicine and that we take ourselves and life way too seriously.

So let’s have a couple good laughs together, shall we??

I made a fabulous, gourmet dinner tonight. Probably the fanciest I’ve attempted since we hit the road. Keep It Simple Stupid has been my motto in the kitchen. After all we have one burner and it isn’t all that consistent to say the least. Mr and I have been wanting Chinese food like crazy. It is our favorite after all. So I made coconut rice and sweet & sour chicken. The super simple way mind you.

1 Chicken Breast – Diced

1 Onion – Halved and then quartered

1 Gr Pepper – Cut in big chunks

1/2 Clove Garlic – diced

1 Can of Pineapple – reserve the juices

2 Cups of Rice – Steamed

1 Can of Coconut Milk

Steam rice with can of coconut milk and 2 Cups of water. Set Aside. Saute Garlic, Onion and Chicken until Chicken is cooked all the way through. Pour in all the Pineapple Juice, add Gr Pepper and simmer to a low boil. Add Pineapple. Serve with bed of coconut rice with Sweet n Sour Sauce drizzled over top. Easy and super Yummers!!

So here’s the funny – Remember a week ago when I couldn’t for the life of me get water to boil for our pasta? Guess what I figured out? All by myself mind you. If you put the LID on the POT with the water trapped inside that you want to BOIL – It will BOIL!! Amazing right? That’s why I’ve been able to make rice with no problem. You need to lid rice to cook it!! Just picture it – I’m humming to myself, so proud of this fancy dinner I’m cooking and so excited that we’re having Chinese, just toodling along in the kitchen and I stop cold. Shout NO SHIT!! Chris immediately thinks something is wrong – Oh no – I just figured out how to boil water. We laughed so hard our sides hurt and we both had tears streaming down our cheeks! I think I’m cooking fancy and figuring out how to boil water at the same time… HILARIOUS!!! To make it even funnier – neither one of us thought to put a lid on the pot of water we were trying to boil the whole time we sat there staring at it in disbelief cursing it for not boiling. Too freakin funny!!


We have been watching the kids, first Goobs, then Dickie and finally Pinks, one by one start scooping the food out of their dish unto the floor to eat. I’ve completely dumped the food more than once thinking maybe there was a bug in it or the water was dirty. Didn’t help. We’ve moved their bowl to three different locations and still the scooping continues. We finally think they’re just weird and try to deal with the crunchies on the floor – all the time. After I step on yet another crunchie which feels like a rock I get the little broom out and sweep up their mess – again. Only this time I notice that only one kind of crunchie is on the floor. I refill the bowl and sit on the couch and watch as each one takes their turn scooping out the new food onto the floor. They finish their snack and I grab the broom to clean up again and it’s still only the one kind of crunchie left on the floor. Then it dawns on me. We mixed their “normal” cat food a week or so ago with the generic HEB food we had to get when they were out of their “normal” food. My spoilt rotten kids have been picking out the generic food and only eating the good stuff. And in the process have been leaving the yucky generic food on the floor in protest!! When I showed Chris he just looked at me in all seriousness and said “Well they’re the monsters we’ve created.” And then another round of belly laughter ensued. I giggled for hours over this one. I couldn’t help but think over and over again how the kids out smarted us – again!! And that they’re so spoilt that I’ll be running to Wally today just for a bag of their normal kibble. The kids are hysterical!!

We finished off our funny day with a couple of comedian shows. Figured we might as well keep the good times rollin. Chris found one of Jim Gaffigan’s specials we hadn’t seen yet and one we must have missed of Chris Titus. If you get the chance and/or need a good laugh both comics are sure to please!!

Laugh it up!! Enjoy your life!!


With much love



3 thoughts on “Laugh with Us

  1. I sat here and chuckled all through your blog. Then I read it to Bob and we both laughed. We certainly identify with the crunchies. We are constantly picking up crunchies, but mostly because they’re sloppy eaters, not picking out what they don’t like. LOL.

    Thanks for the laughs today.

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