Socializing with the Amazonians


I expected to wake up to the little pitter patter of rain this morning as Isaac makes its way to us today. Not yet. The cloud cover is thick and you can smell the rain in the air but no droplets. We’ve been keeping a close eye on it as they were originally predicting we’d get some major storms with high winds and flooding. Now the forecast is for an inch of rain with moderate winds and thunderstorms tonight. We’ll see…

We did all our chores and errands yesterday just in case we’re in the rig for the next couple of days through the downpour. It’s funny to us how much the weather plays a part of our day-to-day lives now. We rarely paid attention to the weather on our sticks & bricks except for the occasional tornado watch/warning or snowstorm. What did it really matter? Now everything revolves around the weather. How hot is it going to be? Matters because it’s only 10-15 degrees cooler in the rig. Is it going to be windy? Matters because even a slight breeze will rock the rig. Is it going to rain? Matters because we need to sweep the puddles off the roof, walk to the potties & shower, walk to fill up our water supply etc. We’re outside hours a day without even trying now and loving it!! Just have to be mindful of mother nature’s power while we’re enjoying her.

I had a lovely visit with the other Amazonians last night. Spur of the moment the ladies a couple of doors down invited the whole row of us over for drinks and snacks and a little pow wow.  We visited for nearly 3 hours and I gleamed some great insight into our upcoming life at Amazon from the couple that’s already working (lucky) and another couple that’s returning for their 2nd season. I had to field all the gate guarding questions solo as Chris was home nursing an oncoming migraine due to all the pressure of this storm system. The couple I visited with at the Meet and Greet were so intrigued by the idea of Gate Guarding that he went home and did 7 hours of research on the subject and had even more questions. I don’t mind the questions at all…we had a ton of questions!! And who better to ask than someone who has been there done that? Besides, for us it was an overall fun experience even though we have no plans of returning to the brush anytime soon. They are researching GG as their next job option after Amazon so I’m sure we’ll have a few more discussions along the way.

So for an Amazon update – We’ve heard nothing. Another whole week has passed and not a peep. After chatting with the group last night we aren’t the only ones still waiting either. One couple got “approved” this week, the rest of us are still on hold. Not good seeing as the one couple that has been working will get  their first paycheck today after 3 weeks of work. Waiting another week to start will put us at the middle of September before we see our first paycheck. That does NOT work with our budget!! More to come…

We had another funny (hilarious) moment yesterday that I knew as soon as it was over I’d be telling you about it!! Our Goober has always been the type of kid that likes to be alone and will let you know when she wants loves and pets. As our houses got smaller and she didn’t have as much space to be alone in she started becoming more social. Well in the rig she is flourishing. She is becoming very social both with us and the other kids. So much so that she welcomes unsolicited attention now. So, yesterday, while she was perched on the back of the driver’s seat I was lovin on her, she was singing and getting her fill of pets. Once she was good it was time to get the sides to dinner going so I got up and went into the kitchen. Chris sat down where I was on the couch with his laptop and we were chatting away while I’m whipping up a side salad. All of a sudden Chris says “What the hell?? My arms wet!!” What in the world?? I guess Goobs was really getting into those loves…she drooled all over Chris!!! I don’t know if other kids do that but she always has. I’m used to it and don’t mind but the delayed “reaction” was beyond funny…for me at least. Chris was not as amused. TeeHee

The light soft rain has begun as we sit sipping our iced coffees. Hope the internet holds on…been very sporadic this morning.

With much love





2 thoughts on “Socializing with the Amazonians

  1. Did I understand correctly that you kitty is named Goober? That is wonderful because I had a kitty named Goobers, Goobs or Goobies for short! I lost him to old age almost two years ago now, but I have never heard of another kitty named Goober!

    • Goober is our middle “child”. She is 9 yrs old already, hard to believe. She’s a total Momma’s girl. We’ve never heard of another Goober either. It’s a small small world!!

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