Amazon – Here we come!!

Isaac was kind to us. We had light to moderate showers off and on throughout the day with only a few gusts of wind worth noting. The clouds coming in were beautiful and the sunset that night was breath takingly gorgeous. Our camera couldn’t capture the out-of-this world colors. The whole sky was filled with vibrant pinks, peaches, oranges and every shade of purple you can imagine. Unfortunately after the majestic sunset it clouded up again so we missed seeing the Blue Moon. Now we are bracing for the extremely hot temps that are following the storm. We had hoped the 100+ temps were done for the summer but not so much… The majority of our week will be 104-106 degrees. Auugghhhh…. We just keep telling ourselves that it has to cool down eventually… Right?


We were starting to think we were going to be faced with a tough decision regarding Amazon… Still no word as of Friday afternoon kinda put me into panic mode. Should we wait it out? Should I start looking for something new? When is payday? Etc. Chris went down to Amazon this morning to chat with Paul on our status. I stayed home because I didn’t trust myself to hold my tongue to be honest. Leave it to Chris to take care of everything. We start tomorrow!! YIPPEE!! HOORAY!! HALLELUJAH!! Tomorrow morning bright & early, 8 am, we’ll be at Amazon doing all the paperwork and orientation to start our jobs on Tuesday. Chris even managed to get us the Mon-Thurs overnight shift. Exactly what we wanted!! I’m ecstatic!!

With much love



12 thoughts on “Amazon – Here we come!!

  1. Congrats. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it. In Fernley, they wouldn’t let workampers be pickers, which was a bummer, because that’s what Bob and I wanted to do. Let me know how it goes. Workampers at Amazon are amazing people. You’ll meet some terrific folks. (But don’t forget about us old folks! Hmmmm, that didn’t come out right. How about don’t forget about your friends from gg’ing.)


    • No picking at Fernley? Really? That would be a bummer!! We’re ecstatic we got picking and the shift we wanted. More overtime with pickers and with 3 days off in a row we’ll actually be able to get away a few times while we’re here.
      Forget GGers – NEVER!! Always room for new and old friends!! 🙂

  2. Hope you both enjoy it very much. I am also interested in how it goes… We will be here in Dilley, for a while GGing . I am glad we have some great friends that will work with us, 2 months off then work, will be awesome for us. I am happy for you two. Hope you get all you expect out of it. Love your posts, keep them coming.

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