People Amaze Me

In our old life, regardless of the state we were living in, we’d always lock all the doors be it while we were driving or when we left the house or if we were in the house. I’d clutch my purse in the grocery store, in the mall, in restaurants. The list of people we trust enough to watch our kids is only 4 people long. You couldn’t tell anyone you didn’t trust implicitly that you were going out-of-town for fear of being robbed. The news channel is full of horrible crimes, devastating events and all the saddest travesties in human nature therefore it’s never on at our house. Why bring even more negative into our life? If it isn’t on Yahoo when I check my mail or if I didn’t hear about it around the water cooler at work – we didn’t know about it. My faith in a stranger was next to nil. My fear level was at an all time high when we moved into our rig. I didn’t trust anyone.

In our new life on the road – we live without fear. We only lock our door/windows at home to keep the kids in. We never lock our car door. I don’t clutch my purse anywhere. I’d trust 3 dozen people to watch my kids now. We tell the whole world, or anyone interested in reading about it, where we are, where we work, what we do. My faith in a stranger is genuinely positive. I trust every one of my neighbors completely even though I couldn’t tell you all their names if I had too. I live without fear. This wasn’t a transition either it magically happened overnight.

I can’t help but ponder on the why. Why does living in our RV free me of all those fears? Why am I not afraid even though we travel through and stay in places that I know nothing about? My conclusion is that nothing has influenced me to think anything different. I “assume” everyone I encounter is a wonderful, caring, nice and safe person. And so they are. I’m sure there are “bad” people in this area but I’ve never met them. Maybe it’s the circle of like-minded people we surround ourselves with now?

Last night, right before sundown, I was texting away, playing games on Facebook, chatting with Chris – the usual. Starting to think about going to the shower knowing I wouldn’t be able to get moving early enough this morning to do it. And there’s a knock at the door… It’s our neighbor from a couple of doors down. She wanted to come by to ask if we were OK. Of course we’re OK, why? They just wanted to let us know that if we needed anything, anything, while waiting for our first paycheck – money, food, supplies, or medicine – they had plenty and were more than happy to share what they have. Really? For one fleeting moment my pride was hurt but then I realized that these are the kind of people we have in our lives. She was concerned about us, genuinely concerned. A virtual stranger and they are worried about little old us. Amazing. When was the last time this happened to you? I don’t ever remember this happening to us before…

People are amazing in such a wonderful way. I love our new life and the people in it.

Off to Amazon, a full update to come!!

With much love



8 thoughts on “People Amaze Me

  1. Madcap, that’s one of the most inspiring blog posts I’ve ever read. It really IS all about attitude, isn’t it?

    Thanks so much for brightening my day.

    Hope you love working at Amazon, and can’t wait to get a report!

  2. We lived full time on the road for 3 years, and yes people are amazing, and you never worry about the small stuff, and lets not forget how they want to help out all the time, you never have to worry about asking for help people are right there if they see you need it. Yes your both right, life is great on the road,and stranger??? who are they, in our line of travel there are none. I have had no fear at all even at night walking the dog. Funny in a real home you think twice about stuff, in the rig , not so much.
    Much luck on your new job, looking forward to the post. Hope it is all you want it to be.

    • I love meeting others that enjoy our lifestyle and learning about what led them here. We’ve met people from every walk of life, different backgrounds, unique life stories and yet we’re all connected by the love of travel and living freely on the road. A community of millions of people. Amazing.

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