Off to School we GO!!

We’re going to school today!! Picking school to be exact. After finishing up the last of the admin “stuff” yesterday (boring) we’re finally getting to learn all about our actual job today. We’re excited to get our feet moving and our hands dirty! So to speak. This is the day I’ve been waiting for and kinda dreading…the fear of the unknown should be relieved today and the truth of what we’ll be working at for the next 4 months will finally come to light!

It’s like Christmas as a kid…you wait and wait for the big day…hoping Santa got your letter…anxiously wondering if you’ve been a good boy or girl…dreaming of the wonders that will magically appear under the tree… Only in Amazon land its all about….hoping you got the job…praying for the background checks to go through…worrying if we can physically do the job…dreaming of the big ‘reward’ of a new rig with our earnings… Well, we’re finally to the actual job and today will be a good test of the physical aspect of the job. I know we can physically do it!! Just wondering how much it’s gonna hurt after…

We’re only scheduled for a half shift today unless we can sweet talk our manager into letting us stay the entire shift. With it being our Friday we’ll only get today to wander around, feeling things out, figuring out where things are and how the system works before we’re full throttle on Sunday (our Monday) on full 10 hour shifts/40 hour week. So a little extra time tonight would be a very very good thing!! Especially to the directionally challenged (me). It’s a maze in there. Especially when everything looks the same…the bins, shelves, racks…they’re all identical!! I could be like the little kid lost in the woods – I may never find my way out!!

Regardless of how much it’s going to hurt – and it’s going too – we’re ready to get this new exercise program under way!! Chatting with the returning workampers yesterday we learned a little about the dramatic results of the program. One small gal lost 2 pant sizes and the other lost 25 pounds. Chris is shooting for the 25 pound mark although I’m not sure where he’s going to find it… Me, well I’m going for the gold on this one…I don’t have a goal number per se or the ideal pant size in mind…but I plan on maximizing this opportunity. We’ll be tracking the miles Chris walks with the spiffy pedometer, eventually I’ll get one too, and we’ll be tracking our weight loss for you too and posting our weekly results. It’ll be our own fun Biggest Loser showdown.

Wish us luck!! Let the adventure begin!!

With much love



7 thoughts on “Off to School we GO!!

  1. Awesome, hope all goes well and yes having the new rig in the picture, makes you strive even harder….. Good luck to both of you on the job and weight loss.

    • I’ve been watching the end of season prices as they start to fall. I figure between the ads for a new rig and watching the number on the scale fall I’ll stay motivated – hopefully more like rip rarin to go!!

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