Guardian Angels

We had a bit of unwanted excitement yesterday… Those storms/tornadoes that went through Oklahoma and Missouri also hit this little corner of Kansas. I just got back online after losing internet over 15 hours ago. We’re all OK. Wish I could say the same for the RV though… Snowball got a  couple black eyes this time around.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I had a terrible tummy ache the night before and took a couple Tylenol PM to help me sleep through it. I always hate taking those because it leaves me so groggy the next day. So after showers and a bite to eat I was ready for a nap. While I was napping the storm of all storms rolled in. I was abruptly awakened by the wind throwing a rock into the window right above my head. The rig was rocking so hard I wasn’t sure if we were going to tip over or not. When I pulled back the curtain the whole window was shattered. The only thing that prevented glass from exploding inside the rig was Chris’ tinting. I watched the wind exhale and inhale and rip the whole sheet of glass outside. We’re thinking I cut up my arm when I grabbed for the window as it was being sucked out. I didn’t feel it or notice it until we saw the blood running down my arm. I’m fine; it’s just some good scrapes. We’re pretty sure we got all the glass shards out. Once the window was gone we saw an awning in the empty space next to us. Yep, our awning. The wind ripped it completely off the rig shredding the 3 inch bolts holding it in place. The awning was not out; it was locked in place flush up against the rig. The awning was not our concern at that moment though. We had to find something to put over what used to be a window during the strongest winds I’ve ever felt in my life. The wind was whipping the rain so hard that it felt like a thousand needles piercing our skin at once. Chris ripped out the single windshield reflector and stapled it to the inside of the window and then duct taped the edges. Once the storm calmed down Chris went outside to assess the other windows and the awning while I started cleaning up glass. The girls were in deep hiding once the storm hit and we threw Dickie in the bedroom and locked him in with the bathroom door. Once it calmed down the girls came out and went into the bedroom with Dickie – none were too happy with the situation but until all the glass was cleaned up that was our only option. Of course my piece of crap vacuum wouldn’t work so I had to sweep up as much of the glass as I could. Chris balled up the fabric of the awning after he cut the last corner of it off the rig and we walked it down to the dumpster. On the way we met our guardian angel. A man we didn’t know that doesn’t even live in the campground but lives close by. He was coming to check on all of us. He saw us hauling the awning and asked if he could help in any way. Chris asked if he knew where we could find a piece of plywood or something to better seal the hole where our window used to be. He said he worked across the street at the PEPSI warehouse and they had big sturdy signs that would work. He ran over to get one and was back in a flash. He even hauled the metal framing of the awning off to the recycle bin for us. God Bless that man!! He saved our asses!! We had just enough time to cut the sign board down to fit into the window and duct tape the edges before the next wave of the storm hit. It was nowhere near as brutal but without the window boarded up it would have been horrific. With everything sealed up and the glass swept up as best I could we let the babies out. They calmed down before I did. They were a little clingy last night but that’s to be expected. I was utterly exhausted.

Time to assess the damages… The awning is a total loss and won’t be replaced. Last time I checked it was around $2500 plus installation for a complete awning. Sorry Snowball, not worth it. We are going to have to call around for someone to come out and cut a piece of safety glass to replace the window. With the rig being a 1985 finding a replacement window will be nearly impossible and terribly expensive to ship and have installed. Until then we’re going to have to live with a cardboard window. Our tiny BBQ Grill is probably a loss too. The wind threw it around so much the legs are bent every which way but the right way and the lid is still MIA.

Even after all that we are counting our blessings. We’re grateful we’re all OK. My arm is just scraped up where I could have really hurt myself. We’re grateful we were home when the storm hit. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened to the kids had we not been here. We’re grateful the awning being thrown around in the wind didn’t damage anyone’s rig. We are beyond grateful to that nice man who helped us repair the window. He didn’t have to do any of that for us. I don’t believe in coincidence. The Universe put him in our path at that exact moment to help us. We’re grateful for the help! We’re grateful for our jobs that will give us the funds to fix the window. We’re grateful we’re here, in a town, verses on the gate with limited resources and next to no help.

We have a host of angels watching over us. I felt their presence yesterday more than most days.

With much love



6 thoughts on “Guardian Angels

  1. very scary, glad you are safe. Did you not get a warning? There are weather radios you can get that will help, particularly in the area you are in. Does the campground not have a safer building? When we have been in the path of storms the clubhouse is always safer than your tin box. No vehicle is worth getting hurt or killed for. Hope all others in campground were OK

  2. Christy,
    OMG, so scary. We are happy you’re okay. Weather radio sounds like a good idea. We need one too.

    Glad the kids are safe. I would be a total wreck if that happened to us. You guys are extremely lucky you were there. Wow.


  3. Thank you for everyone’s concern and well wishes. We could feel all the hugs from hundreds of miles away!! We’ll be putting a weather radio on our list for sure!! Somethings you just don’t think about until after the fact.
    Love to you all!!

  4. Oh that’s terrible…so glad you are not harmed. Storms are so scary. Blessinsgs coming your way that u don’t endure anymore hardship…that enough for anyone. Xo

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