Silver Lining

Today we wandered into town to scope out the damage of the storm. We’ve heard several people say tornado but we haven’t heard anything official. There was a lot of obvious damage in town, the kind of thing you would expect to see – billboards ripped to shreds, lots of broken tree limbs, signs bent all the way to the ground, trees uprooted, some of the trees were split in half, sheds and other out buildings toppled over and lots of missing roof shingles and pieces of siding. The downed power line at the campground was repaired today and the overturned semi down the road has been cleaned up. We chatted with some neighbors this morning and everyone is safe and accounted for in the park. Only one other couple had substantial damage to their trailer when the wind ripped their truck bed cover off and threw it onto the roof of their trailer putting a hole in their roof. Luckily they were also home at the time and were able to take action so the inside of their trailer suffered minimal damage. Lots of lawn chairs and tables in the dumpster today along with the other debris collected from the fenceline. Chris found our BBQ lid along the fenceline this morning but we’re still unsure if its salvageable. After hearing that the tornado in Oklahoma killed 4 people we are continuing to count our blessings and fully realize how lucky we are.

While in town we did our grocery shopping for lunch stuff and easy dinners. There’s 3 groceries in town and they all seem to be equally good with deals so we hit them all. Takes a little longer but helps the budget stretch further and I’m all for that! The more we save the more we can play later. We had to hit the Wally too. Apparently I either tossed or donated all my socks cuz I have a total of 3 pairs of slipper socks and that’s it. Chris doesn’t want to share his socks with me…he said my big feet (boats) were stretching em out (how rude). I also needed to get some sport bras since my underwire keeps setting off the metal detector at work. I really don’t care for em, never been a huge fan of the uni-boob look. But I refused to wear a bra out of a box so that seems like my only other option. On a side note – How come the metal detectors at the airport never go off because of my bra selection?? Just some food for thought…

Tonight I’m getting all the lunch snacks separated into little baggies and making a fruit salad for my lunches. We also made some bulk meals to have easy breezy dinners for the week. Chris made a huge vat of breakfast scramble and I made a new concoction with potatoes, ham, green beans, onions and cream of mushroom soup. That only leaves laundry for tomorrow before work and we’re good to go. Not bad!!

The nice thing about the storm is that it brought us much cooler temperatures!! I don’t think we hit 80 today and we had such a lovely cool breeze to go with it. It’s hard to believe with the blue skies and sunshine that we had such a horrible storm yesterday. We didn’t sweat a drop all day! That is a first since we took off on our great adventure nearly 4 months ago. We’re both sitting here with the windows open and only the fan on (no AC) in our jammie pants (pants!!) enjoying a cup of coffee. The kids are snuggled in the blankets completely content. Hopefully this is the beginning of fall.

Well off to bag those snackies and then find something else to entertain myself with. I’m shooting for a 4 am bedtime – only 7 more hours to go…

With much love

Mrs Madcap


4 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. Yikes! I missed yesterday’s blog post. How scary! So grateful for your “angel” and so glad that you and the kids are all safe.

    Can’t wait until you can get your new rig. The time will go fast. Hang in there! πŸ™‚

    So glad you are getting cooler temperatures.

  2. Glad that you both did not get hurt, sorry to hear about the RV. We are finally getting into the 90’s and nice evenings…. Stay safe.


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