Where Were You?

I remember the moment I heard about the Twin Towers vividly. I can still feel my body shake with fear and disbelief. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe something like this was happening. And once the tears came it was hard to turn them off. Still, today, it’s hard to think about without tears. So many wonderful people lost…so many families broken… Innocent people.

I was in my cubicle as an office clerk for Blue Cross of Idaho. I had my earphones in listening to a CD sorting papers for my next delivery. It was usually very quiet on the claims floor so when there was continuous chatter behind me I looked. There were groups of people everywhere, talking openly, worried expressions and a lady was crying. What in the world is going on here? I inquired and was informed a plane had hit the Twin Towers. At this point it was just a horrible accident. I put my earphones in and turned on the news. And just sat there. Listening. Speechless. In complete sadness for all those people. I was listening when the second tower was hit. After that the news was coming so fast and its all a blur. They put TVs in the lunchroom and we all huddled around and watched in disbelief at what was happening. I called Chris, he was working without a radio or TV so he didn’t know. He went online and watched in horror. You see, Chris had just been honorably discharged from the Air Force less than 6 months earlier. It was hard on him to watch this great country he swore to protect under attack and be unable to do anything about it.

In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago, others like yesterday. I was all of 21, just a babe. Just starting my career in the health insurance industry. We were living in a tiny apartment in the  bad part of town dreaming of buying our first house. Ironic how much different our life was then. The careers are over. The houses gone. Idaho, a fond memory.

I believe it was in those moments I realized how precious life is. Now I don’t take a single moment for granted, now I live life to its fullest and never waste a single blessed moment God gives me.

My heart still hurts for all the lives lost during 9/11 and the soldiers who gave their lives to protect us. Thank YOU for your sacrifice for me.

Where were you? What impact did it have in your life?

With much LOVE

Mrs Madcap


2 thoughts on “Where Were You?

  1. I was in bed, it was 6:00 AM and Dad had just gotten up as is his routine, to prepare to go to work. The public radio went on, and there was mention of a plane and the world trade center. Then we turned on the TV and were stunned. Speechless. And yes, thank goodness OBL is dead thanks to years of prepwork and searchwork and daring bravery!

  2. My clock radio alarm was set to a radio station. The news was on when I woke up. I couldn’t believe it. That was just after the first tower was hit. Then the second tower was hit, then the Pentagon. OMG, news immediately went to terrorist attack.

    I was in Oregon. Bob was in Saskatchewan, Canada for his work. I called him immediately to let him know all airports were being shut down. He was in the middle of nowhere with no radio so he had no idea what was going on. I explained to him. Told him he wouldn’t be able to get home unless he rented a car. Thankfully, he got the last car available and was able to drive home.

    It truly was shocking. Just incredible.

    Enjoy life while you can, you never know what’s in store for you.

    Thank you for the blog.

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