Crow Don’t Taste That Bad

Our second night was really hard on me. I couldn’t think straight cuz my feet hurt so badly. I’ve never felt such pain in my life. I keep reminding myself of the saying, “Pain is just weakness leaving the body.” I just don’t get why it has to all exit through my feet?? I dug out my old sneakers for last night hoping they’d be better than the new ones. At that point I was willing to try anything. I told Chris I didn’t care if they were sunburst yellow with polka dots, if my feet didn’t hurt so badly I’d wear them in a heartbeat. I put on my old sneakers and they felt ok. The problem is that as the night goes on my feet swell and as they swell the shoes just get smaller and smaller. Both the old and the new sneakers fit but not after 5 hours of swelling.

Chris suggested that I try his good ole Reeboks that he was going to retire for a new pair. You see, Chris has worn the exact same kind of shoes for the last 20 years – Reebok Classic Black High Tops. He’s probably owned 50 pairs. When we find them at an outlet store or online on sale we buy in bulk because it’s the only shoe he’ll wear. He has always said they are the most comfortable shoes he’s ever owned. Closely followed by – “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!”Everyone, myself included, has given him shit for his shoes. Really? The same shoe over and over again? He’s been wearing them so long just like a lot of the 80s fashions – they’re back ‘in style’. Anywho, I just kinda rolled my eyes at the thought of wearing the shoes. He insisted I try them on… I figured I’d appease him and then get back to trying to figure out what I was really gonna do about the shoe situation. I couldn’t believe it. They actually felt good on my feet. They were a little big but not too big. I know, I have big boat feet, oh well. They had just enough room left all around my foot to allow for the inevitable swelling. And the ankle support of the high top was nice. I wore them back and forth to the laundry several times and forgot I had real shoes on. Chris had his long-awaited “I told you so.” moment when I admitted they were very comfortable, so much so that I’d be wearing them to work. I let him enjoy his moment and ate my crow quietly.

Last night with our Twinkie shoes on I felt a million times better!! I rocked my numbers and had fun for a change. It wasn’t until the last hour and a half that I felt the pain. Can’t complain too much about that!! Chris’ feet were a little sorer with the new shoes though. We got our locker yesterday so we don’t have to haul so much back and forth everyday. We also had a company wide meeting, just an update on things. We were grateful for the hour to cool our heels!! It did impact our mileage for the night though. Each of our mileage is going to be so different because we’re on different paths. We don’t work side by side, our scanners take us to different locations. Last night Chris was picking a lot of things off single isles where my scanner had me running from aisle 2 to aisle 135 then back to 67 and off to 148 for only a couple of things in each aisle. Even with Chris feeling more stationary and the hour-long meeting the miles still added up to 8.58 for the night.

A new lesson I’m learning from this adventure is about hunger. I have always struggled with eating when it’s “time” instead of when I’m actually hungry. I’m also guilty of being part of the clean plate club… With the complete schedule change or more accurately going with NO schedule, eating when you’re hungry is the only way to do it. I’m experiencing real hunger for the first time in a long time. It’s more about fueling the tank instead of eating for pleasure. When the tank is empty you really don’t care what goes in it – you just need fuel!! On the same token when I’m not hungry food isn’t on my radar. I’m too tired or have other things to do, it’s not important. I’m sure I’ll make something yummy for dinner on our days off but it will be a little different now. Eat only when we’re hungry and only until the tank is full. It seems so simple but not for me, until now.

With much love

Mrs Madcap


12 thoughts on “Crow Don’t Taste That Bad

  1. A good stretch for them paws is to stand on the edge of a step and let your heels drop…try that in the evening and when you get up.

  2. Have you tried double socks? We do that when we go backpacking, and it does help with the friction. Glad you don’t care what it looks like as long as you preserve your pain-free state a bit longer each day!! Also, how about buying a foot massager? When resources allow…maybe they have a good one at Amazon 🙂 Love, Yolanda

    • He got quite the kick out of the whole deal. Not something that I’ll be hearing the end of anytime soon… Worth it though!! I’ve walked approx 18 miles in his shoes…so far… WOW!! To say it like that… We love ya too Ma!! Loads N Tons!!

  3. after pounding concrete for years in the printing industry i finally found rockports they are ugly but like your husband i found they felt good and my wife finally bought a pair she calls granny shoes KEEP BLOGGING

    • I read about Rockports and New Balance while researching shoes good on concrete floors. We’re going to try on some of both on our days off. I’ll wear anything so long as it doesn’t hurt!!
      Welcome to our family!! 🙂

  4. Something I just read….sorry so long. My husband loves his inserts…go to a high end shoe stores…get fitted correctly. Then leave and order something similar online for cheap. Like 6pmshoes, zappos, etc. Be careful…get good shoes and inserts so you don’t mess you feet up for down the road.

    1. Moist Heat – Sometimes aching feet are simply the result of overstressed muscles and connective tissue due to excess activity or weight-bearing. One of the best remedies for relaxing sore muscles is a foot bath. Soak your feet in a basin of warm water or in a store-bought foot spa for 5-10 minutes. Try adding epsom salts to the water for an added soothing effect. Epsom salts are readily available where first aid products are sold. Use approximately 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of warm water. If your feet are swollen, hot, or tired, use cool water instead of warm and elevate your feet for a half hour or more after the soak.

    2. Stretch – Overstressed muscles will tend to contract or spasm. To counteract this tightness, stretch your feet. A good time to stretch is after warm soak, when muscles will be relaxed. Sit in a comfortable position and stretch the ankle and toe joints using your hands or a strap. To also target the calf muscles, try a runner’s stretch while leaning against a wall. Hold each motion comfortably for 10-20 seconds for maximal benefit.

    3. Massage – Apply oil or lotion to the soles and massage while applying gentle thumb pressure to any sore areas of the feet. Focus on the plantar fascia, the prominent cord-like structure that runs the length of the arch, from the ball of the foot to the heel. You can best feel it on the sole of your foot when you flex your toes upward. The plantar fascia is an important anatomical structure because it helps give form and support to the arch, which is necessary for absorbing shock when our feet hit the ground. Tightness of the plantar fascia can often be a root cause of heel soreness. Another easier way to massage the feet is by using wooden foot roller or a foot spa with built-in massage.

    4. Arch Supports – Try a pair of store bought arch supports for your shoes. Arch supports will help decrease the shock that your feet experience with every step. The heel and ball of the foot are especially prone to soreness and full-length arch supports will help cushion these areas. Custom-made orthotics offer even more support for the feet and have the added benefit of accommodating specific foot problems.

    5. Check Your Shoes – Identify which shoes may be contributing to the soreness. Switching to running shoes or shoes with a stiffer sole may help. Even sandals come in styles that cradle the arch and have a slightly thicker sole, which is preferable. Also, if your shoes have excess wear and tear they may be contributing to your sore feet. Worn out soles can change the dynamic of how your feet hit the ground, thus throwing off your biomechanics. Since shoes that are too tight or too loose can lead to soreness and fatigue, have your feet measured the next time you buy shoes. You may be surprised to find out that you were wearing an incorrect shoe size.

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