Calgon – Take me Away!!

We made it!! I must admit I had some doubts along the way. About myself, not Chris. He is absolutely amazing!! I think he put it best last night when he said, “We may be in your world but we’re in my environment.” Very true, corporate was my thing but he worked in a warehouse for over 10 years. We both are hurting units today. We are just now to the point of not feeling our feet. Not going to sugar coat it…I’m all about brutal honesty and it freakin hurts, every muscle, joint, appendage, my fingernails and hair even hurts. Add in some blisters and bruises and you can start to get a picture of what it’s like. We’ve been told it’ll take between 3-6 weeks for the pain to diminish and our bodies to adjust to this type of work. Oh joy…..

Chris’ shoes weren’t as comfy last night. But it’s hard to tell at this point if it was the shoes or just the 4th day of abuse. I really struggled all night. Chris on the other hand is a work horse. He just goes and goes. His mileage last night totaled 9.8 miles. Pretty impressive on a Friday. I know I didn’t rack up those kinda miles, I was moving but nowhere near as quickly as him.

Now I get to brag on my Mr. a little. After lunch Chris had 2 managers come up to him in the stacks. He immediately thought he was in trouble – who knows what for… He wasn’t of course, they were coming to congratulate him for being in the top 10% of producers for the week. He went over his quota by 180% at one point. On week one!! He had a total of 4 Managers come talk to him, the first 2 to award him with his certificate that will go in his permanent file and the other 2 to see if he needed anything to help him perform better. He also won the challenge they presented to us at lunch yesterday. The prize was a pizza lunch on Sunday for whoever could get 125% of their quota for the remainder of the night. I’m so stinkin proud of him. I don’t know how he does it but that man never ceases to amaze me!! To put some real numbers to all that, he picked over the course of the week approx 8000 products. Good gravy!!

The general consensus on shoes seems to be either Rockports or New Balance. The shoe store in town is rumored to have both kinds. We’ll be going to get my boats measured, try a variety on and check out the prices to compare online. You know us, always looking for a bargain!! In the meantime I’ll be double socking Chris’ old shoes, massaging my feet and doing stretches to help ease the pain. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!! Keep em coming. We’re both open to anything that might help at this point!!

As for the tallies for week 1, they’re really Chris’ tallies since he’s the one wearing the pedometer. We can only assume mine are close though I think they’re probably less cuz I don’t move as fast as he does… One thing I know for sure is that I lost 5 pounds this week so I’m shakin my booty plenty out there!!

Total steps – 91,378, which equals 40 miles walked in 4 days

Time to relax…

With much Love

Mrs Madcap



14 thoughts on “Calgon – Take me Away!!

  1. The pain will disappear, along with the pounds. When I worked a job where I was on my feet all day Ii wore Dansko clogs. I wasn’t walking for miles but they give great support. I know many chefs wear them for the same reason.

    • That’s the low end mileage too. We’re pretty sure we’ll see a jump this coming week. Chris is embarrassed by the attention. He’s not used to being recognized. But he’ll keep doing what he always does – his bestest!!

  2. What an accomplishment! Wish you had a hot tub available to soak in. 🙂

    I’d recommend New Balance. I’m overweight and have two neuromas, and NB trail runners were the ONLY ones I could hike in without pain. I paired them with the thick Thorlo backpacker socks. They are horribly expensive, but that exquisite padding made all the difference.

    Hope you find something comfortable. I am so proud of you two! I’ve read a lot of people can’t do it so they drop out. 🙂

    • New Balance is the ones we see the most of so we’ll see how they feel on my tootsies. Drop Out? Oh heavens No!! We’ll figure out the shoe thing and do this!! Quitting isn’t an option, it never is!! I want to be an elf!!

  3. Highly second the Thorlo socks. Love mine. They may be expensive but I’ve had them for years. No holes. Of course, I only wear them hiking and if it’s really cold in winter.

    Be sure you buy your shoes big enough to allow for swelling and thick socks. Best to have your feet measured at the end of your shift and try on shoes with the thick socks.

    Good job, both of you.


    • Thanks Susan!! We’re going to the shoe store today so I can get measured. Our shift ends at 3:30am so going after work is a little hard… Hopefully they can account for the swelling… Fingers crossed!!

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